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Project 20: May Day May Day (Political Cartoon)

Wow! Already I have reached my fifth “Something Else” project! My twentieth creative assignment! I can sense your immeasurable excitement.

This week I had wanted to do something crafty; something unique and DIYish and simple and cheap and glorious. 967 more words

Something Else

Zero Stance

Pardon my very rudimentary stick-man illustration, it serves to prove a very subtle point. The principle of ‘Zero’ stance.

Aikido stance, as I’ve understood it since I first practising it, is not the most comfortable stance, there are many other more dynamic stances out there that one can learn and use. 796 more words

Something Else

Something Else, Somewhere Else - Review

As many of you are aware I spent last weekend at a little Grass roots festival and Earlier this week I shared some photographs.

I had intended to write a review but fellow festival fan Brian Stone has put a review on his blog so I thought it would be nice to point you to it so that I can be lazy :)  It’s a great review, … 23 more words


In a small park across the street from my house

This may not be the best mother’s day post ever, and that is partially because I am not the best writer ever and also this post did not start as being written specifically for Mother’s day.  316 more words


What I'm Listening To

So I’ve realized that I’ve given lots of info lately on what I’ve been reading and watching, but not necessarily on what I’ve been listening… 423 more words

Something Else

Confession of a dog lover.

Dogs are amazing. As someone who was very much a cat person up until I met a beautiful Patterdale terrier 3 years ago, saying these words tastes strange on the tongue, but the right dog will change your life. 126 more words


Quiz: How mindful are you? I'm not very

As preparation for my Happiness Project, I did a lot of self-examination to figure out what goals to work toward. I knew that one quality I needed to cultivate was mindfulness – that is, my open, conscious awareness in the present. 376 more words