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You Can't Be Serious???

From time to time I write non-humorous material but hesitate to post it here because I don’t want to disappoint readers who are expecting chuckles. But if you’re a parent or a teenager (or just vividly remember being a teenager!) you might like to visit these two online magazines that are both featuring my work today. 143 more words


Kotegaishi Story

There’s a time, when I was a brown belt working in as a retail shop assistant. My colleagues didn’t know about my martial arts background. 122 more words

The Grey Matter

8 Photos of Happiness (and 10 Blogs That Make Me Smile)

Last week, I was nominated for the ‘8 Photos of Happiness Tag’ by Michelle from Sugardust and Starlight. She has a really lovely blog, and she’s an all-around awesome lady. 1,057 more words


Friendship Withdrawal Syndrome

Warning: The following post may be very depressing.

I will admit that I am an introvert. I need regular time alone to recharge my personality, and I am not the easiest person to maintain a friendship with. 590 more words

Analysis Of Myself

It annoys me

I’m in the van. I’m sitting at the back and the van stops in certain place. The person who is next to me has to go out. 179 more words

About Me

something else...

and you were something else.
after countless amount of days being sent off.
i misplace my trust.
and everyone of my fucks to give.
you really think i care if your boyfriend didn’t text you? 256 more words

Eyes Of Emanon

What I'd name my boat

…if I had a boat

Ranked in order of how many high-fives I’d get from people at the unveiling:

1) Who Gives A Shit?
2) The Soggy¬†Streamroller… 9 more words