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The Beauty of Paris & the Brilliance of Baron Haussmann

Paris: Elle est belle. She is beautiful. Her story is embedded within the 40.7 square miles that her beauty marks on Earth. Her streets are like the paths of a maze that lead to amazement, whether that amazement manifests into the well-known La Tour Eiffel or Notre Dame de Paris, amongst others. 638 more words

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This Acropolis? Building? Castle? Or whatever it was engraved into the side of the mountain couldn’t possibly have been the place I was looking for. This compound stretches the entire street encompassing everything as far as the eye could see on both sides. 837 more words

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Sri Lanka

Things I dislike:

The budge accommodation in Sri Lanka is very basic and yet pricey(comparing the price for food and transportation). Rooms usually with smelly bed sheets, sometimes no hot water, often lousy wifi, are charged at about US$15 per night. 343 more words

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可以是「什麼」、「怎樣」的意思,也像英語中的 You know 般。



哈利波特裡的費地魔既然也被稱為 you-know-who 以避免把他名字說出口,說笑的話廣東話可以叫他作「咩魔」。



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Funny coincidences

Funny coincidences occurred to me while reading Sense and Sensibility of Jane Austen :))
– “Certainly not; but if you observe, people always live for ever when there is any annuity to be paid them; ….. 280 more words

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Patreon and Self Publishing

Lately, I’ve been thinking a bit on how I’m going to go about publishing my work. I’m not really in the state to publish anything right now, but I like to think that I will be at one point (and hopefully soon). 1,099 more words