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Laughter can be both the most soothing of intimacies between two souls and the loudest, most haunting of echoes within a lonesome soul.


The Dark Companion

I seek solitude in the dark. I switch off the lights, shut down the laptop, turn off the music, sit on my bed and seek comfort in the dark. 232 more words


Life's Choices

City life can be invigorating. Sometimes I crave the natural of the sea. ┬áThe juxtaposition of these two got me to thinking about the two sides of myself and voila, this “person” resulted. 119 more words



Been talking to the moon
but I get no reply
I hear the branches rustle
I hear the night wind sigh
but the Moon, she will not comment…
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Tuesday's Dose of Antisocial.

Because fuck you. Not you in particular, mind. Everyone.

Seriously, I don’t care. I have officially given up on giving a fuck.

Barren. No fucks left. 58 more words


Card of the Day: May 5 2015 - The Hermit

Today is about introspection and searching. You may be searching for answers or guidance. Take the time you need to do soul-searching to find the answers that you need. 111 more words


5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

I just recently celebrated another year of life, for which I am very thankful. Every birthday, I tend to look at the year that just passed and analyse what went well and what went badly…(I know, I know, I am way too serious but I can’t help it, I am a mathematician by nature lol). 394 more words