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the shadow of a face - poem from 1996

the shadow of a face

my hands were idle
so I put them to work
and bought food to fill my belly
and paid rent to provide shelter… 129 more words


the lovely void

I have done an interesting thing for myself lately. I don’t say interesting as if it is actually unique or uncommon. But interesting in the sense that its effect on my life is so delightful. 1,306 more words


No More Going Solo For Me.

This week, I made the decision to join a masters swim program. I swam in different programs years ago when I lived in Austin, and I did really well in them.   667 more words


Dolphin at Sunset! (Painting captioned:Freedom at Dawn)

“Freedom at Dawn” – explained.

February 9th is always an important day as it is the birthday of my favourite person in the world – My grandmother. 249 more words



Long loud streams of questioning were curling down these trees

And where they came to rest was anybody’s guess –

To which or where should ever streams like they be sent? 101 more words


time alone

“There is no doubt that solitude is a challenge and to maintain balance within it a precarious business.  But I must not forget that, for me, being with people or even with one beloved person for any length of time without solitude is even worse.  48 more words

turning inward

How much better is silence; the coffee cup, the table. How much better to sit by myself like the solitary sea-bird that opens its wings on the stake. 600 more words