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Solar Companies in Sacramento, CA: Powering Up Your Cabin in the Woods

Some people enjoy living outdoors more than staying in a close-knit community. For whatever reason, they prefer to stay off the beaten track and be closer to nature. 41 more words


States Mandate Renewable Energy

For Hawaii, it’s 100%. Vermont, 70%. State by US state, renewable energy standards are increasing, partly as a response to climate change, partly because renewable energy provides autonomy and lower long term costs. 54 more words


Sandbar Solar Deploys 250 kW Rooftop System For Skateboard Manufacturer NHS

Sandbar Solar & Electric has installed a 250 kW rooftop solar array for Santa Cruz, Calif.-based skateboard manufacturer NHS.The system consists of 782 solar modules […] 10 more words

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Georgia Power Offering Solar Installation Services

Georgia Power has launched a new solar sales and installation service for its customers. The new solar sales and installation program is administered by Georgia […] 10 more words

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Solar Impulse landing in Hawaii

Wow, I am watching the live arrival of Solar Impulse in Hawaii after a historic 5-day flight from Japan only powered by the sun.   Not only is this a historic event in the attempt to fly round the World with only solar power, but the enterprise behind this venture is absolutely amazing. 84 more words


Bill Gates Dismisses Solar And Wind Energy, “Can’t Do The Job” …Cost “Beyond Astronomical”!

No Tricks Zone — June 28, 2015

Another prominent thumbs down against wind the current renewable energy craze, this one from Bill Gates.

The UK online Register here reports that the technology guru is not impressed by fad renewable energies wind and sun: “Renewable energy can’t do the job.

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