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Hazel Likes: Solar System Leggings

Space is fascinating. Surely everyone went through a phase in their childhood where they were fascinated with space. You learnt the names of all the planets and memorised their order, and marvelled at stars and constellations (and tried to find them in the sky at night-time). 166 more words

Hazel Likes

From a Hedgerow Prominence to a Filament

A Prominence is an arc of plasma lifted above the Sun’s surface by intense magnetic fields at the very edge of the Sun (the limb) – It appears light (and hot) against the dark background of space. 86 more words


Why Do We Explore Space?: A Virtual Field Trip Opportunity

Ms. Kelly’s Kindergarten class has just amazed me across this year by how they have used a study of space to flow into so many of their standards.   482 more words


An Oblique View of Abedin Is One of MESSENGER's Final Scenes

The 72-mile (116-km) -wide crater Adedin is seen at an oblique angle in this mosaic made from images acquired by NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft. The angle highlights the crater’s central peak complex which surrounds a shallow depression that could have a volcanic origin, as well as fine cracks in the floor of its basin and a slumped and terraced section of its far wall. 280 more words


Grid-Tie PV System VS Off-Grid PV System

There are basically three types of solar PV systems existing today for solar power generation at home, including grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid PV systems. However, as expense and efficiency are concerned, grid-tie and off-grid systems are more popular and most installed around the world. 407 more words

PV Inverter

Conjunction Over the Old Barn

The Moon and Venus shine in conjunction over an old pioneer barn.

Tonight, April 21, the waxing crescent Moon passed a wide eight degrees to the left of Venus. 136 more words

Alan Dyer