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Cassini To Make Its Last Pass Of Hyperion

This coming Sunday, May 31, the Cassini spacecraft will perform its last close pass of Hyperion, Saturn’s curiously spongelike moon. At approximately 9:36 a.m. EDT (13:36 UTC) it will zip past Hyperion at a distance of about 21,000 miles (34,000 km) – which may sound like a lot but but it’s even closer (by 17,500 miles/28,160 km) than it was when the image above was acquired. 57 more words


The Solar System, Some Dinosaurs and a Birthday

Conversation was flourishing yet again at the breakfast table. The clock ticked on unmindful of the parodies and paradoxes being played out at the very moment. 779 more words


Latest Pluto Photos From Nasa

Discovered in 1930, here are the latest published NASA pics of Pluto taken by the New Horizons probe.

Planetary features can now just be discerned. 83 more words

Exploring Europa's magnetic field, chemistry

My latest article for STEAMRegister.com details a new NASA mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, which is scheduled for some time in the 2020s. I just love planetary exploration. 33 more words


These maps show how rent is too damn high across America

Brace yourself: The average American worker needs to earn $19.35 an hour to afford rent for a standard two-bedroom apartment. That’s more than two times the current federal minimum wage. 234 more words


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