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When space weather becomes our weather

Whenever ‘space weather’ delivers something momentous, I seem to notice a similar event taking place in the earth weather, especially high winds when solar winds are about, yet no one really seems to be talking about this. 1,050 more words


Tech-Dream or Tech-Hell - What's Your Take on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is considered by many to be the best thing since sliced bread, then again others warn it will be the end of humanity.  Maybe you’ve seen Terminator and believe that Google is the next… 248 more words


Emergency Help for Grounding Yourself and Opening your Feet Chakras

“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.”
~ Steve Goodier

You may be aware that the Earth has experienced some fairly intensive…

1,001 more words
Crystals And Stones

Solar Flares

Courtnee Oglesby
December 19, 2015
Citizen Project

There were several categories for me to explore, but tracking solar flares seemed the most interesting. I learned that it takes several days for a flare to erupt and die down. 117 more words

Citizen Science

The Golden Shadow Detective's Guide to Ascension: Forward, March...

Are you feeling like this. . . ?

This is a picture of a wood frog from Alaska. It has the ability to freeze over winter and then thaw out and hop away. 424 more words

Golden Shadow Detective's Guide To Ascension

A Million Mile Long Crooked Smile Streaks Across Sun

A dark line more than half a million miles long curves across the lower half of the sun in a gorgeous photo snapped by a NASA spacecraft. 560 more words

End Time Prophecy