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An Open Analysis of the Sojourners' Close-Minded Letter to Franklin Graham

Sojourners–an attempt to reduce Christianity to leftist ideology.

Uncharitable? Reductionist? Perhaps. But no more so than their interpretation of Franklin Graham’s Facebook post.

Two points: 383 more words


An Open Letter to Franklin Graham


“We don’t know what prompted Rev. Franklin Graham to log onto Facebook and pound out the words that lit a firestorm last week… 1,549 more words


Love Conquers Ignorance

Oh, Mr. Graham,

We have not come far from the attitude of the eight religious leaders who wrote to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. while he was incarcerated in a Birmingham, Alabama jail in 1963. 433 more words


How should we respond to ISIS?

Some questions

  • How should we respond to the evil that ISIS represents?
  • What is our personal response?
  • What should be the response from our nation?
  • 1,078 more words

Daily Devotional: “Once We Were Strangers”

“Once We Were Strangers”

Richard L. Floyd

“You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” —Deuteronomy 10:19

The various summaries of the law in the Bible include strangers as people to be especially cared for. 292 more words


5 Things to Know About ISIS and the Theology of Evil

As an evangelical theologian and pastor, I want to say that ISIS is evil. Evil is a term we don’t normally hear in the media or politics, which is likely a good thing given our lack of public morality and civility these days. 235 more words


Day 6 of Lent - Intentionally Walking

While reading Sojourner, I was pleasantly surprised by another writer who writes a piece called “Thoughts on Lent From a Non-Churchgoer”, which echoed my sentiment for this season. 222 more words