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What has Become of the Human Race?

Humans were on the planet before the monsters, the mutants and the machines. They are the reason the others exist. Humans called forth the Shadow World. 1,168 more words

Sojourners In Shadows

Going Back to the Sea

Just as cyborgs represented a change in humanity that many embraced, the new race called aquatics presented people with a new way of life as well as a whole new world. 764 more words

Sojourners In Shadows

Let's Talk About Sects

So in my world featured in Sojourners of Shadows – our world in the future, but changed by supernatural and scientific events – we have cyborgs, and these beings are broken up into sects. 1,172 more words

Sojourners In Shadows

Exile From Eden

The Revered Doctor Abbas ascended the stairs to his laboratory, the sounds of alarm not a concern to him, nor to most others. He reached the door and entered his code before going in. 4,041 more words



“Sarge, we’ll stop here,” the captain called back, then returned to his lieutenant who held the map. “Five minutes, then we go on; I want the men sharp before we reach the villages.” 2,175 more words


I Defy You

Young Martina scrambled through the jungle, past trees, through bushes, not caring how scratched or tired she became. She didn’t look back either. She wanted to; she almost did now and then. 3,098 more words

Sojourners In Shadows

Stories, Explanations and Revelations

So the last few blog posts should be explained, I guess. No big mystery and I think they’re self evident, but it could prove helpful to readers to throw more light on them. 470 more words

General Blithering