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My #1NewThingForWater

Back in January 2015, program director Jackie Comito kicked off the #1NewThingForWater campaign, encouraging each and every Iowan to adopt one NEW thing that they will do for water in 2015. 205 more words

I am dirt.

Freshly plowed earth. It smells of home, and work, and growth.

My eyes are cameras capturing each frame….I blink to record an image of the beauty….I want it stored in my mind…. 205 more words


Nature | Lifeless

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By rahultripathiphotography

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Mark Cullen: Red-hot tips for growing the best plants

As the season progresses, your garden will grow and thrive if you follow the tips below. Follow this advice and, while you may not have a Butchart Gardens on your hands this season, it will no doubt look great. 601 more words



It happens everywhere.  NO WATER!  This time it’s not a drought, it’s broken, or leaking pipes; it’s the construction work interfering on our gardening levels; it’s hoses malfunctioning; and even vacations happening for a few weeks at a time during the growing season.  255 more words

Container Plants

Another Reason to Plant Natives: No Soil Amendment Needed

Where I live in New Mexico, the soil is more alkaline than acidic. That means I might as well forget ever trying to grow blueberries, but asparagus is a great choice. 643 more words


Let's go back to the family farm

You’re innocent until you’re not. That is the philosophy of many corporations. The want of money drives them. That scene from The Incredibles where the evil short boss guy talks about helping the stockholders instead of the customers always sticks out. 623 more words

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