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Grow Your Own Delicious Garlic & Rhubarb

It is easier, and probably cheaper as well, to buy vegetables and fruits from a grocery store. But own grown food just tastes so much better! 637 more words

Basics Of Gardening

How to Find Buried Treasure in Your Yard

I have yet to own a piece of property that does not hold some kind of buried treasure. Of course, the definition of treasure is in the eye of the beholder. 323 more words


Loyal to the soil

The other day my friend Ann and I were discussing the fact that if she wants to become a British citizen, she will be obliged to swear  or affirm (the former involves God and the latter doesn’t – you get to choose which) an oath of allegiance to the Queen. 522 more words

Community And Society

Bed Depth for Water Drainage

It’s 23 to 4, and the Callens are in the lead. I finished another garden bed, the twenty-third on our homestead, and we only have four more to double-dig after this. 98 more words


Garbage In the Garden

We’ve been learning all about compost this week! Recycling old food is such a fun science experiment for young children because they get to see, smell, and feel the composting process first hand. 150 more words

Spring has sprung at Prescott Farm!

Blogged by Carol Nagle, URI Master Gardener

For the past 10 years, Prescott Farm has been one of the University of Rhode Island Master Gardener volunteer sites. 337 more words

NRF Gardens

Our biochar work featured in UC Merced Megazine

Our recent projects on using nutrient enriched biochar to reduce losses of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous from agricultural soils was featured in the latest issue of the UC Merced Megazine. 32 more words