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party in the street: new york, chicago and washington, DC!!! come to the talks!

My friend and co-author Michael Heaney will be speaking about Party in the Street this week. Here is the info:

  • On Monday, Michael will be in Washington, will be at…
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F5 = 5 := Embeddedness

Embeddedness is an abstraction that speaks to connections: the ones we know and accept, we cherish or loathe; the ones we are not aware of; the ones we want or are forced to make after we – human tribes physically or virtually traveling a rapidly changing world – find our selves displaced. 178 more words


When you criticize others, you criticize God

Because He made them.

*Oh yeah. The image is not mine. I’m not making any profit on it. Thanks to the genius who shot it.


WSJ: How to go from grumpy to HAPPY - Create an after-work routine

This is a great way to decompress and really enjoy your down time at home!

WSJ: Go From Grumpy to Happy: Rethink the After-Work Routine…

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Building A Better Tomorrow

Daesh Caliphate: The irresistible attraction to the abyss...

Adèle, the fifteen-year-old daughter of a professional couple in Paris who joins Jabhat al-Nusra after an online conversion by her handler “Brother Mustafa.” In a farewell note to her mother she leaves behind, Adèle writes:

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(2) Mosul Eye: Straight from inside hell.

Destroying Mosul’s Heritage:

We apologize for not updating the page. Like most Iraqis, we have been mourning the unbearable loss of our precious relics. Once again, many unrealistic voices have been asking why the inhabitants of Mosul did nothing to stop the rampage, and once again we will say if stopping the destruction and oppression without arms were possible, 5 million Jews would not have been killed systematically during the Holocaust.

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Knowledge is power - 5 things that make studying worth it

One very smart person, who knows a lot more about blogging that I do (Hi, VROOBELEK) told me once that her secret lies in pointing things out in order to make it more clear for readers. 828 more words