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What Does One Do With A Life?

What does one do with a life?  These words should echo forever within an individual’s mind – periodically breaching the surface of conscious domain, demanding immediate contemplation and resolution. 1,572 more words


Evaluating the view that the nuclear family is in decline (part 3/3)

Some commentators argue that the extent of ever increasing family diversity has been exaggerated

Robert Chester – The Neo-Conventional Family

Robert Chester (1985) recognises that there has been some increased family diversity in recent years. 393 more words


Explaining the increase in family and household diversity (part 2/3)

4. Feminism: Changing Gender Roles

Liberal Feminists and Late Modernists would point to the increasing number of women going into work as one of the most important underlying structural shifts in Late Modern Society. 757 more words


Explaining the increase in family diversity (part 1 of 3 )

This is part 1 of 3 posts outlining the underlying factors which explain the increase in household diversity

1. Changing patterns of marriage, divorce and cohabitation… 489 more words


Trends in Family and Household Diversity

Trends in Reconstituted Families

  • In 2011 there were 544,000 step families with dependent children in England and Wales.
  • This means that 11% of couple families with dependent children were step families.
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Why Twitter Users REALLY Protect Their Accounts

When most people see a protected Twitter account, they’ll either Follow it, ignore it, or, if my relevant blog stats are anything to go by, come to this site in a bid to find out how to covertly spy on it. 2,107 more words

Social Media


To begin:  the syringe in the above photograph is labeled as having contained sodium chloride, which is used to flush IV lines and for hydration/electrolyte replacement.  551 more words