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Clare Rewcastle Brown is wrong again about the "Phantom”

All along we have been saying that Clare Brown is a liar. She is pretender. The fact that she writes in the name of Sarawak is a camouflage of her true self; she is ignorant about Sarawak and having to rely on mediocre informants like Lester Melanyie or Peter Jamban, the most discredited person even among members of his own community. 417 more words


Lim Kok Wing’s toughest challenge in public relations

Remaking Prime Minister Najib Razak’s image is probably the toughest challenge ever faced by public relations consultant Lim Kok Wing, political analyst Shahbudin Husin says in his latest blog posting. 472 more words

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First NFCorp, Then 1MDB, Now EPF

Rafizi Ramli is at it again on 1MDB, this time taking a swipe at KWAP and the EPF. And sounding unwarranted alarm bells to rile the general public as he did with NFCorp who have in turn initiated a legal suit against him for the lies, distortions and misrepresentations. 331 more words

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Malcolm X Matters: Icon’s Words Still Ring True | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Malcolm didn’t tiptoe around diagnosing the illness of white supremacy or pointing out its symptoms in the form of religious terrorism and police brutality. He boldly declared that systemic racism is not baseless conjecture; rather, it is a deeply embedded statement of fact that provides the framework for the United States of America. 144 more words


The Eloquent Violence

As Baltimore burned this April, it was the clearest evidence yet that inner city America, where a good number of African-American youth live, is in the throes of a potent catharsis. 791 more words


Korea + The Balkans

The frightful havoc wrought among the inhabitants of the Balkan provinces during this particular raid seems to have prompted Justinian to begin his project of fortifying the Balkans and the Danube frontier on a scale without any precedent.

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In the absence of contextual information from written sources, it is not possible to decide which one of these interpretations we should follow.

This is from a book I’m reading about Balkan history – something I know little about…

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