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BlackCommentator.com - July 02, 2015 - Issue 613 Cover Story: Has the Neo-Confederacy Fallen? - A Commentary on Twenty-Three Years of Fighting the Neo-Confederate Movement By Ed Sebesta, BC Guest Commentator

People expect a racist to be a marginal individual, rude, belligerent, spouting racial slurs and can comfort themselves that they must not be racist since they are not like that. 219 more words


Confederate Flags, Free Speech Zones, Hate Speech, and Progressive Control

There was a time Lenny Bruce and George Carlin – two famous comedians – were locked up for saying dirty words…

For those too young to know, there was a big, drawn out, long fight over giving men like that the freedom to say shit, fuck, asshole, piss, and so on without getting arrested on stage. 735 more words


“Which Road, Dammit?!”

What’s the difference between $65 in the hole and $2,200 in the bank? I mean that seriously…

Some of the guys in the high-wage overseas teaching jobs were paying off debt like me. 437 more words


Remaining Civil in Times of Disagreement

In a post by William K. Wolfrum  on Dagblog, he posted  a YouTube video of Dan Savage and his husband Terry talking to LGBT youth about how things do get better and not to panic. 2,528 more words


Piggybacking - Then - Backstabbing


Here is another example of how Progressivism works which I’ve mentioned before:

Free Speech is mightily cherished in our democracy. It was one of the primary key ideals that helped guide its establishment. 192 more words


"I'm the Open-Minded One Championing Diversity, Asshole --- Would someone please shut him up...!"

“Although the policy arguments for extending marriage
to same-sex couples may be compelling, the legal arguments
for requiring such an extension are not. The fundamental… 715 more words


Evangelical Secularism is Not About Liberty and Democracy


The Mr. Goldbergs like to say they are fighting the good fight for democracy and human rights. It is open for debate, but I think, no, they aren’t. 657 more words