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Sarawak Government To Have Guidelines On Proposed Implementation Of Indonesian Schools

The Sarawak government will come out with guidelines for the proposed implementation of Indonesian schools and Community Learning Centre (CLC) for children of migrant and expatriates in the state. 335 more words


Sarawak DAP quits Pakatan, with immediate effect, reports MalaysiaKini

Sarawak DAP has decided to pull out of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition with immediate effect over the hudud bill imbroglio.

“Sarawak DAP operates in a different way from DAP in other states. 212 more words


Tun Mahathir sad on demise of Lee Kuan Yew, blogs about his relationship with the former Singapore PM

The passing of Lee Kuan Yew on Monday saddens former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

No matter how friendly or unfriendly we are, the passing away of a man you know well saddens you. 631 more words

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Pardon disposed, Anwar to lose MP seat - MalaysiaKini

The Pardons Board has disposed the petition filed by Anwar Ibrahim’s family and the opposition leader will be disqualified as a member of parliament, said senior federal counsel Amarjeet Singh. 464 more words

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Gamers boos op spel dat huidskleur avatar verandert | Tech | de Volkskrant

Niet iedereen wijst het besluit af om de huidskleur willekeurig te veranderen. ‘Als we onszelf konden veranderen, zouden we allemaal gespierd witte mannen zijn met waarschijnlijk indrukwekkende baarden’, merkt een speler met het pseudoniem DerDuderich op. 106 more words


A prosecutor apologizes for his role in putting an innocent man on death row

In March 2014, after prosecutors and Ford’s attorneys filed motions to vacate his conviction, the state district court ordered his release. However, more than a year later, Ford is still fighting the state for compensation. 89 more words


TV Pilots 2015: Ethnic Casting Trend Hits Peak | Deadline

But, as is the case with any sea change, the pendulum might have swung a bit too far in the opposite direction. Instead of opening the field for actors of any race to compete for any role in a color-blind manner, there has been a significant number of parts designated as ethnic this year, making them off-limits for Caucasian actors, some agents signal. 157 more words