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Self Image

Well. Long time no post. I don’t want to say that I’m back, but I’ll try to post one of these every now and then. 385 more words


Education in a foreign country: Yes or No!?

“Should I go for¬†higher education abroad or not?”

I am sure this question is familiar to many students in some part of their educational journey, whether it is a decision to go to international universities or to a university in another city. 477 more words


10 Things Every Teen Needs to Know

Being a teenager is difficult. You’ve got to juggle school (which gets harder once you hit high school), friends, romantic relationships, chores, a job (if you have one), and you’re probably starting to drive, which means making time for that as well. 690 more words

Life Lessons


When an Ok looking girl makes a move on you and you don’t really go with it,¬†only to realize, once she walks away, that you’ve made a HUGE mistake.


Terrified vs Excited

As much as I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us, there is one emotion that overshadows the excitement.

I am terrified to bring a baby into the world for numerous reasons. 560 more words


White power

“Jazmin you’re not fooling anyone.”

They’re gonna chop me into pieces
Send me back around the globe
My bits of missing soul are waiting
For the safe return of my body, whole… 35 more words


Hope I'm not patronising or Sexism vs Feminism

Warning, this is quite the mind dump.
I have been brought up to believe in equality and fairness, to judge people by there actions not their genetics. 750 more words