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Belanja Bareng Bu-ibu

Daster, kadang jaket, sandal jepit, dompet bekas toko emas, dan kresek. Biasa lihat perempuan dengan aksesoris seperti itu? Kamu beruntung kalau iya, setidaknya pagimu dapat pemandangan yang lumayan segar untuk bekal semangat macul seharian. 343 more words

On Budget 2015-16.

The general attitude towards this years budget has been quite similar to that of over past few years: corporate enthusiasts are excited, middle classes are uncertain and puzzled, rest of the population is apathetic to varying degrees. 299 more words


Speak up

I was sitting at my bus stop and I had my earphones in playing soft music while cars passed by, all going places. While waiting for the bus a cool breeze was blowing and without even knowing I was faced with a problem of my generations present. 318 more words


Why racism is not backed by science

As we harvest ever more human genomes one fact remains unshakeable: race does not exist

Read more on: http://newsrule.com/why-racism-is-not-backed-by-science/


There Is A Fungus Among Us

It is a few days to step away from the lunacy that we call news and report on some other form of news…..but there are times when stupid gets in the way…….this is one of those times…….. 199 more words


From father to son

A father is his son’s first hero, whom he admires more than any other mentor, guide or even a Marvel comic superhero. He is his Ironman. 660 more words


This is how a thief steals a mobile in London

In this video recorded by a security camera in London shows how a guy riding a bike takes away a mobile phone from man walking down the sidewalk. Check out this video: