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Three reasons why Kendrick Lamar's new music video "Alright" is a Masterpiece

At 5am on 7/2/2015, Kendrick Lamar’s music video for “Alright” accumulated close to 1.7 million views on YouTube after being released just two days earlier. This video is powerful for many reasons: lyrically sound, musically pleasing and visually captivating. 518 more words


What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

An Internet search on this subject reveals that widespread disinformation about what the Bible actually says is being disseminated by advocates, most often non-experts, such that an unbiased exegetical review is made necessary. 3,583 more words


A note to those who claim God as their personal Savior:

If I remember correctly from my Bible Stories, Jesus (the leader of your tribe) preached love, understanding and tolerance; I see very little of that from some of you who claim to be Christians. 307 more words

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Scriptures to Vote by: Voting Christian in a Secular World

Compiled by Paul A. Hughes, M.Div

Note: This collection of scriptures was first published during the 1992 presidential election.  A few additions have been made.  If only these warnings from Scripture had been more heeded back then, and since, by Christians of all types who decided to vote their own preference instead of God’s!  1,549 more words

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Why Marriage Equality Matters

Long ago Martin Luther King Jr., through desire of ending racism made a public speech in which he stated:

Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children.

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An Old Fisherman in Mozambique and Glória de Sant'Anna

I just wanted to share a few photographs from our recent Mozambique travels, along with this poem, by a beautiful writer I only learned about today. 220 more words