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"The New Atheists"

One occasionally sees references to “the new atheists.” It’s not a term of flattery or respect. The people who use this phrase seem, almost without exception, to be trying to discredit the writings of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and perhaps one or two others. 579 more words

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Five fun facts about the Bolivia legal system

1. Since 2011, Supreme Court judges have been elected by popular vote. In January 2015, President Evo Morales admitted the justice system had gotten worse under this arrangement, and proposed a referendum to modify the constitution and reform the justice system. 96 more words


Water is smart. Smartwater is dumb.

One of the dumbest and most popular tactics of the deceiver is to tell the exact opposite of the truth. It is based in a fear of having the truth become obvious, so its opposite is being enforced with plenty of words and fancy eyecandy and such. 574 more words

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If the Feminists Are Wrong, Do the Chauvinists Win?

Here’s a parlor game: count up the number of scientific discoveries hated by each side of the political spectrum. Currently the score is even. The Right rejects climate change while the Left despises GMO foods. 866 more words


Defending the family by exploring changing gender roles

Recently, at the General Women’s Session of April Conference, several talks where given on the theme of “defending the family.” There have been a number of responses to this session already (including two… 840 more words


Karibu kwenye Jamii na Tamaduni Platform

Hapa unaweza kuchangia au kuuliza au ku share chochote kinachohusu Jamii na Tamaduni.

Karibuni wote.

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Upon the outside steps, schoolchildren gather in awkwardness and relief, escaping the restrictive solemnity and required reverence of a place venerating death. The air is filled with youthful chatter, indecipherable in a squawkish flurry of hopes, dreams and no-good insolence. 2,393 more words