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A Letter to the Nice Guys

We hear about this all the time. How women always fall for the jerks. How the nice guys are friendzoned. How they never get a chance. 555 more words

Diary Entries


The logic is really very simple.

You’re in a crowd of a hundred people. Where, doesn’t matter. You could be at a convention, in a shopping mall, in a large restaurant, or on the sidewalk on a busy city streetcorner. 502 more words

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Josie R. Johnson & Her Life Against Injustice

Born during a time when blacks faced blatant injustice, Dr. Josie R. Johnson dedicated her life against this struggle. She championed fair housing, equal employment opportunities, and put forth efforts to create stronger communities. 58 more words

African American Civil Rights

The top ten horrible Halloween costumes that aren’t Ray Rice

The worst thing about the sexy octopus costume I just saw is knowing where the beak would be if it was a real octopus. #wtfiwwy…

47 more words
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Let's Talk About: Milo Yiannopoulos

The British Right have always been a pretty mean-spirited bunch. Not content with grabbing all they can for themselves and their pals, they’re bullies to a man (and woman). 1,683 more words

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Color Me Bad

Chris Spence Reflects on Racism this March 21st

I can’t forget the horror that I felt when I was walking to a variety store with my predominantly Black students to celebrate our test results one hot afternoon. 230 more words

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Here’s a round up of some interesting articles you might have missed in the last fortnight or so. As usual, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed, but nonetheless found the articles worthwhile reads. 313 more words