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I am a Writer
I am a Designer
I am a Actress
I am a Dancer
I am a Dreamer
Why do I have to be just one. 99 more words


What Happens Next?: Poem & Recording

And he’s embodied

everything else

apart from a

simplistic sense

of self.

Abolish the ego

(accomplish a few things),

and he’s off.

Lately, hidden meanings… 75 more words


Power, Inequality and Humanity - What's Really Going On Here?

A Symptom of a Much Deeper Dilemma – The TRUTH is, there are two basic objectives to business; 1- Be the best at what you do. 1,171 more words

Climate Change

Beauty in the Madness

Copyright 2015 Don Ray

On a recent sunrise contemplative walk, I experienced a most curious peaceful insight. It arose in part in response to a recent afternoon spent at an acquaintance’s house where he had me watch innumerable old video clips of war in its innumerable forms, documentary video clips, movie excerpts, compilations, technology of weaponry, cavalry charges, black and white movies with handsome heroes charging into a wall of spears or a hail of bullets, etc., etc., a compendium of testimony to the madness of the human condition. 255 more words


Birth, Dharma and Destiny

While having chitchat in office, one of my colleague stunned me by throwing one of the most thoughtful questions in recent times. He asked me to honestly explain about my birth, my Dharma and my Destiny. 312 more words


Low Hanging Fruit

“I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love.

If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.”

~Walt Whitman 177 more words