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Love and Whiskey

As you stole a glance across the room,

As you locked your eyes on mine,

As words fell from your drunken lips,

As you unraveled my heart one string at a time, 84 more words


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Instead of tickets, cops hand out ...

At a time when we all are recognizing the mistakes, abuses, and fails of our Law Enforcement Officers, maybe we also need to consider all the good they do. 278 more words


'Stop Telling Women to Smile' art project takes on street harassment - CNN.com

Women if something about you catches a man’s eye, he will likely try to chat you up. It is really not their fault if men are ignorant and fail to know how to properly conduct themselves when passing you on the street. 663 more words


Why Do People Think It Acceptable To Be Jerks . . .

I just had an incident in which a forty year old man found it acceptable to be a jerk to my neighbor and it has me quite pissed off. 510 more words


6 B.S. Stories That Fooled Everyone on Facebook This Week | Cracked.com

Do you believe everything you see on the Internet?

6 B.S. Stories That Fooled Everyone on Facebook This Week | Cracked.com

It is amazing how people of all walks of life believe something true just because they saw it on the Internet. 448 more words


I Need Solitary Confinement!

My days and nights are so full of people that I rarely get a moments peace and quiet. I am serious. I cannot watch the television, write, or even think without interruption. 536 more words