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America, On Any Given Day

Preacherman say,
There’s a god up in heaven.
Loved you enough to make hell,
Eat your bread with no leaven.

Gambler say,
Seven come eleven. 84 more words


On French Bums and American Businessmen

French bums and American businessmen,
They pretty much the same.
Each live a life of dependency,
Each got their own game.

French bum live off handouts, 105 more words


Review: Owen Jones

Owen Jones – columnist, political writer, blazing socialist – has been talking at the Apex. I went to see him on the 23rd. He walked on stage in his usual clothing, which helps to¬†afford him the look of a bright teenager: “I know you’re wondering what the Milky Bar Kid is doing here,” he said first, in what he later called “my plastic northern accent.” “Hopefully you’ll all feel a bit more optimistic by the end.” I think we did. 594 more words


Together, the ants will conquer the elephant

“This…global assault…on the poorest peoples of the world. It is no new thing. It has been going on for centuries, millennia even. Developmental leaps in our technology and organisation sped up the process, but it was already occurring. 382 more words


Democrat Party copies communist manifesto to compose new 'Progressive Agenda'

(NaturalNews) There have been claims made by conservatives that the Democrat Party’s hard-left shift since Barack Obama became president is indicative of its slide toward socialism, but some observers say the party’s shift is even further leftward than that, and that the party¬† 694 more words


The Spoils

Someone else’s theory, with my own reflections:

Let’s assume most of politics is actually people arguing over political spoils–who gets to eat the gov’t pie. 469 more words