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FOX news CONNs and oil rig deaths

The working person in the sights

The poor are outta breaths.

Freedom isn’t free, they say it comes from a barrel, 19 more words


There a great many shibboleths in American culture. One of them is the myth of equality. We are all supposedly equal to one another. 1,620 more words

Social Issues

The rise of mass anti-austerity parties in Europe

By Lenny Brody

The rise of Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain has led to interesting and differing opinions from leftists around the world. Most are very excited and encouraged by the “rebirth” of a mass left movement. 93 more words


Welcome to The First World

Starving children, looking out listlessly

Over the black streets

Hands held out, eyes laid low

Low in shame, hopelessness, sorrow.

Bitter and cold and nowhere to go… 29 more words


Online Donations to Support the Underprivileged

Have you come across scenarios where parents pull their child out of school due to the sole reason of not being able to pay bills? Or maybe when children are not provided with basic amenities such as clean toilets? 346 more words


SSP 2015 – candidate microblogs

The Scottish Socialist Party is standing in four seats for the 7 May 2015 General Election. Here are our candidates’ latest updates: 964 more words


Poetry and the SSP

by Alan Gay

It is astonishing how most of us accept the suffering caused by the huge economic divisions in our society—£6.50 an hour and zero hours contracts existing alongside bankers’ pay; you could list the inequalities in nearly every walk of life. 237 more words