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Trade Book: A Very Important Day

Summary from ScholasticOn a snowy New York City morning, families who have journeyed to the United States from many different countries take the oath of citizenship at a downtown courthouse. 401 more words



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Class Reflection #2 Friday Period 3

I found out what our social action was and we did the whats, whys and how’s of it all works. Our social action is World Vision, 40 Hour Famine.

Social Studies

Class Reflection #1 Tuesday period 2

We debated whether or not to choose our own groups or have mrs Kenny choose our groups. It showed the class the different divides opin our class and how people always seem to get left out.

Social Studies

Every High School in America Is Getting a Free DVD of Selma | TIME

Paramount is sending a free DVD of Selma to every high school in America, public and private, as part of an extended “Selma for Students” initiative. 66 more words

Social Studies

Replica of Grotte Chauvet

Tomorrow, the French government will open an incredible replica cave in Vallon-Pont d’Arc that reproduces the interior of the Grotte Chauvet in the Ardeche region of southern France.  194 more words


Open book test Buddhism (and compare to Hinduism)

Wednesday May 6 you will have an open book test on Buddhism. This means that you are allowed to bring all your books and notes into class and you can use them when you answer the questions. 66 more words

Social Studies