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a brief list of questions useful as a starting point for some map-making:

The Process:

  • Who will be mapping, why and for what purpose?
  • Does the group have common interests, values or desires?
  • Is there a pre-decided theme, or will it be worked out as part of the process?
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Elements of Human Nature: Systemic Overview

My previous post on human nature is a little dated and takes the counselor’s moral viewpoint. This post takes advantage of my continuing research and shifts to a systems approach. 828 more words

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Personality, Sexual Orientation Influence Online Dating

Your personality and sexual orientation could affect how you use online dating sites — even if your uses do not include finding a life partner, according to a new study led by SF State researcher… 6 more words

Social Sciences

A Christian Heart Is Deeply Cynical

On the one hand, rational objectivity is a myth. It’s a myth in the one most important sense that you’ll never see evidence of it when humans make decisions on behalf of others, that thing we call “government policy.” The theoretical existence of rational objectivity means nothing at all against… 987 more words


1960's and Forrest Gump recap

What I liked about the movie was that it portrayed Forrest Gump’s life and personality very well and had some good plot twists. This movie was relevant to our 1960’s unit, as it was widely based during the sixties. 51 more words

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Moral Homework inspires Creative Realism

Firstly, a rant based upon theories I studied with the Open University in 2003, Social Sciences:

The early years of life are tough enough for children. 1,057 more words

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