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It is in France, 1931, when a cartoonist Alvert Dubout published a satirical image of a furious-looking ‘savage’ black man scowling at the viewers. Dubout catapults his sense of biting humor at everyone but most particularly- in the era of freak shows and human zoos- the wrath of his wit is centered on those who stand inside cages instead of the awestruck white viewer outside the bars. 1,124 more words


Ranch Poem - "The World of Self-Reliance"


The World of Self-Reliance

When you look at these
people on the street
some slide on ice
some spread like fire.

You can see it… 153 more words

Social Rants

Correct and Wrong

Link: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/09/26/your-letters-homework-kills-creativity.html

Basically, in Indonesia, a teacher marked a student wrong because he used the wrong method to answer a question, even though the final answer was correct. 144 more words

Societal Concerns

A Different Lifestyle

What do you do after school?


This could possibly be untrue, but from everything I have came across, it has painted a picture in my mind, that Western education systems tend to have a lower quantity of homework and exams, or in another sense, assignments and tests tend to carry a smaller significance in Western students’ lifestyles. 931 more words

Societal Concerns

White Florida Man Acquitted in New "Stand Your Mothafuckin' Ground" Case

Florida man undeterred, likely aroused by Southern riots

“Yeah, I was in a tank, so what?  He came at me with some kind of yellow grenade!” 542 more words

Social Rants


It doesn’t matter if there’s a plus sign or not on your A.

It doesn’t matter if your grade has 2 sharp egdes or 3. … 497 more words

Societal Concerns

Age Limit

Here I am, planning to watch ‘Lucy’ the movie that just begin airing in cinema today. So Min, Natalie and I decided to watch ‘Lucy’ after we finish SMP. 594 more words

Societal Concerns