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Policy of more children and fewer schools – Is that our future?

Policy of more children and fewer schools – Is that our future?

We are selling off our schools to developers to build apartments and town-houses, in which will live more children. 130 more words

The Significance of the Individual

In America we are raised in a society that focuses so much on individualism. You are told to stand out, to be successful you must be unique, you must achieve greatness against all odds. 782 more words

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小婊砸 [xiǎo biǎo zá]

小婊砸 n. A phonetic variation of 小婊子 “little bitch” with the Beijing accent.

The teacher in charge of our class said, “To excel in a subject is like pursuing a person. 100 more words


裝13 [zhuāng shí sān]=裝逼=裝B [zhuāng bī]

裝13 =裝逼=裝B v. To aggrandize oneself, to make oneself look richer, more powerful, and more important than he or she really is. 8 more words

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June 7 and 8 of Every Year

Since the first year I went to university, I have had the pleasure of taking the college entrance math exams of all the provinces on these two days ( June 7 and 8) every year to see which exam I can’t finish in one hour…Every year I would gasp “I can’t believe even high school students need to master this now!”