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Economics and the Ideal Gas Law

My freshman year in college, I took a course in physics and learned about the Ideal Gas Law.  This a “scientific” law that says for any gaseous material, the volume that it will occupy is going to vary with changes in the temperature and pressure.   1,183 more words

Modern humans often view upper paleolithic (approx. 25,000 y.a.) “Venus figurines” as fertility goddesses, due to “exaggerated” body parts, but they may portray literal females. Note African hairstyle. 46 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Within the simple you will find all keys to the complex

               Multiple people have asked me if I feel I experience something different than others. Do I think I am the only person who feels heavy things? 1,273 more words


Neoteny / The Big Babies

The obesity epidemic/ Example 1: a physical manifestation of psychological neoteny. Paedogenesis – the retention of juvenile traits in mature adults – is one aspect of neoteny.  107 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Idiocrasy: Fear for the Future

Today, while grabbing a bite to eat at the local McDonald’s, a group of youths were standing outside the main doors, sheltering from the cold.  Like any other group of youths, they were aggressive, and proceeded to knock a yellow wet-floor sign of the window repeatedly while laughing in a manner similar to that of Beavis and Butthead.  399 more words