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Family:  The Lost Concept 

The idea of family has long been forgotten in today’s culture. People no longer grow up around a family foundation. Then once someone reaches adulthood they are encourage to leave their home and move far away to begin their journey in the world. 478 more words


Attention Readers: If you are an atheist/agnostic, then you have a stiff philosophical problem to grapple with before you even think of pointing fingers at Islam and lecture us on morality; your world view provides no sound philosophical foundations for objective morality whatsoever, and hence morality is subjective on your view. 2,880 more words


Why business can be good at solving social problems, but it's still not enough.

I’m going to post a TED talk, have some issues with the TED talk, then get in a huff and dismiss all TED talks. You have been warned. 371 more words


Social Escape Plan for Non-Wizards

Sometimes life can get awkward. If you ever have the opportunity to be me (don’t take it!) then you’ll realize life is ALWAYS awkward. But even for normal people, there can be desperate situations… 836 more words


Charity Socks #herkansing

People are always trying to get others to notice social problems and their solutions. But focusing on the attention seeking alone, it is extremely hard nowadays to gain people’s attention, and keep it. 267 more words


Social Problems...A Brief Overview

Social problems are defined as conditions or circumstances that are counterproductive or undermine me of all or some of society. This matter usually ends up being the object of public controversy. 905 more words