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Coercing people with dementia

A report from Sweden caught my eye.  In Sweden, the law forbids restraining older people with dementia  in hospitals and care homes.  A newspaper, Expressen… 319 more words

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From Welfare State to Enabling Society?

The following summary is reprinted with permission of the author and the (Canadian) Institute for Research on Public Policy. The essay, “The Enabling Society” written by social policy expert Peter Hicks, can be accessed by the link at the end of the summary.  1,256 more words


Truthdig: 442 Mental Health Experts Call for an End to Austerity

Counsellors and psychotherapists in the public and private sectors find themselves at the coalface in responding to the effects of austerity politics on the emotional state of the nation .  

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Marge Piercy – Woman on the Edge of Time (1976)

“Utopias have a long mixed history in Left movements.  Sometimes they have propelled our imagination toward what better worlds might look like.  Other times they have trumpeted heaven on earth, a world for angels rather than mortals, a far-fetched leap to the impossible, where birds can play guitar and human beings are able to flap their arms to fly” (Spannos, 2008:3).

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Letter: Conservatives are unwavering on CBC stance

Artists of all sorts are subsidized by government, even Harper’s, but does it not give pause to query as to why this government is so intransigent in its budgetary treatment of the CBC?  90 more words

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Smoking Kills...Why Is It Still Legal??

Every year approximately 440,000 people die early from preventable illness caused by either their own smoking or exposure to someone else’s smoking. Another 8.6 Million people suffer from disabling illnesses caused by tobacco. 271 more words

Where Are You Al Sharpton?

Rev. Sharpton, I’m watching for you…I’m pretty sure you’re already in New York so this is right in your back yard…(if not, I know you know how to travel).  249 more words

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