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African-American Digital Practices and Their Relation to Issues in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice professionals with an interest in African-Americans have given little attention to the role information and communication technologies (ICTs) may play in their work.  There are few scholars and professionals who explore how technologies like the Internet, social media applications, and mobile phones impact African-American experiences in modern society.  717 more words


Trading time for social change – lessons for social policy

Social Policy is not just about solving particular social problems. It is a much broader study of the contexts, ideologies and evidence base which surrounds those problems and shapes them. 483 more words


Opinion - Greece and the Curious Case of Disappearing Democracy

As it so often does, a recent Waterford Whispers News article made me laugh out loud: ‘Nation With 220,000 Children Living in Poverty Tells Greece Austerity Works.’ This got me thinking about the situation in Greece and here in Ireland. 840 more words


Laura McBride – We Are Called To Rise (2014)

In my early days of teaching, working with Access and first year undergraduate social work students, I would try to encourage students to consider why context, politics and policy matters: 989 more words

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"Does the Welfare State destroy the family?"

A report from the Sydney Morning Herald caught my eye.  The New South Wales Finance Minister, one Dominic Perrottet, is complaining that the welfare state undermines family life.  380 more words

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Flexible childcare to match our '24/7' economy: The Federal nanny trials

The ‘new’ nanny trial has been hailed as a solution for flexible child care by the Federal government. But is it a solution and for whom? 839 more words

The digital tyranny - The threat posed by a cashless society

Robert Henderson

We are in danger of sleepwalking into a cashless society. More and more purchases are made by electronic means , through standing orders,  direct debits, debit cards  or credit  cards.   1,265 more words