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Can you solve it? Singapore math question goes viral

A Math problem, earlier thought to be intended for Primary 5 students in Singapore has gone viral after it was posted by “Hello Singapore” TV presenter Kenneth Kong on his Facebook on Saturday, April 11. 265 more words


“I sat on Jesus’ lap”: Girl who survived 30-ft fall claims going to heaven

A girl from Texas claims to have gone to heaven and meet Jesus after losing consciousness when she fell 30-feet inside a tree rabbit hole and survived, virtually unscathed. 395 more words


Forget the dress: Is this cat going up or down?

The internet is faced with a new problem after the mind-boggling, eye-deceiving and highly-divisive “What color is the dress” craze.

This, time netizens are debating whether a cat is going up on the stairs or down from it in the latest optical illusion riddle to sweep the cyberspace. 274 more words


It’s not what you think: This photo went viral, but for a different reason

A thought-provoking photo captured by a Brazilian man showing a scene inside a subway went viral in a matter of few days, but not for the reason most people think the very moment they see the image. 294 more words


IKEA starts crackdown on Chinese customers sleeping on store displays

After years of patiently accommodating people who trooped their stores in China only for a siesta or extended minutes of napping without the intention of actually buying, IKEA has finally decided they have had enough of the crazy phenomenon. 270 more words


Hospital calls playboy’s 17 GF after car accident, and all came to visit

Some secrets are just not meant to be secrets forever. They will be revealed in time, and most often, under the least expected circumstances.

 A Chinese Romeo thought he was too smart as he managed to keep 17 girlfriends at the same time, with some of his relationships lasting as long as nine years without any of the girls finding out about the others. 329 more words

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Mischa Barton sues mom for allegedly stealing her earnings

“The OC” actress Mischa Barton became the latest Hollywood star to sue their parents for squandering their career earnings. She also accused her mother, Nuala Barton, of damaging her reputation with questionable endorsement contracts. 248 more words