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The bitter truth

I lay on my bed, tears trickling down my eyes. The lonely walls of the house haunt me. I feel devastated, more than ever. What was the point of me coming back when nobody wants me at all? 783 more words

Feelings From The Heart

A Lion on the Receiving End ....!!!

The lion, the prey and the tree. Source: Getty Images

HERE’S a real-life cowardly lion!

A man on safari holiday captured these amazing images of a big cat turning from hunter to hunted as it fled from stampeding water buffalo and climbed a tree for safety in Kenya. 344 more words

Interesting Read

Doing some atheist stuff this week

I just got home from the atheist backyard barbecue which was pretty much like any sort of similar event. You see who is talking about something you would enjoy discussing and you join in. 215 more words

Work Related Issues

Can't Seem to Disconnect

If you are anything like me, you can’t put your phone down.  All of my family and friends know that I always have my iPhone permanently attached to my hand.   254 more words


Loving LinkedIn - not really.

I often wonder what I get from my LinkedIn presence. It has been in place for about five years now and the details on it have grown and developed. 218 more words


Social Media Marketing #2

So what if all you write is stored on some remote servers in Finland? Are you going to stop using WhatsApp or FB? Well no, you are still going to write those hate mails and continue those lovey-dovey chats! 575 more words