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When Your Facebook Feed is More Like an Episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show

So, there’s this girl I went to primary school with. I wouldn’t have even remembered her name, probably, other than the fact that she tracked me down on Facebook a few years ago, and we’ve been ‘Facebook friends’ since. 766 more words


5 Powerful Ways Busy People Can Promote Their Blogs

Too good to be true?

What if I told you there is a site that will quintuple your blog promotion efforts and help you increase traffic (and I mean dramatically increase) all at the same time? 1,037 more words


Phone-Witness Media

The way journalists have sourced stories has changed. When a news story breaks journalists are now in competition with everyday people to share the scoop first. 325 more words


Để cả thế giới biết tới bạn

Gần đây mình mới đọc một cuốn sách rất hay, cuốn này có tên là Crush It của tác giả Gary Vaynerchuck. Nội dung tóm gọn trong một câu đó là, theo đuổi đam mê của bạn và cách để biến đam mê của bạn thành tiền. 1,286 more words


My Flickr= gray-mentality

Let’s face it social media is something we have to embrace now. We can no longer turn our backs and ignore Kim’s new plastic surgery of Madonnas baby… or something like that. 150 more words


Mind Funnels Vs. Mind Webs

Imagine for a moment that someone could put a chip into every human being, translating their conscious thoughts, feelings and emotions, into short text messages. Imagine that these text messages are transmitted to a central sever where they are stored and analyzed. 757 more words

Big Data