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God Doesn't Hate Pinterest (But I Gave It Up Anyway)

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve had some trouble writing this post. I started four different intros, and I deleted all of them. 826 more words

Breaking News: #BlueandBlack or #WhiteandGold?

Be prepared to have your mind blown..starting now. Just in the past few hours twitter has fallen into complete and udder chaos because of one thing–a dress. 294 more words

Larrissa Keiser Interview

by Elicia Gibson

I had the privilege to interview Ms. Larrissa Keiser, the Marketing Director for Ohio University Campus Recreation. Ms. Keiser and her small team, comprised mostly of students, run most of the media for Campus Recreation. 1,090 more words

Facebook; Changing the Game... Again.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. When I first heard about it in 2007 and signed up, I really wasn’t crazy about Facebook. I was happy with my amateur attempts at creating a cool MySpace profile, and didn’t yet understand how novel and revolutionary Facebook would become. 682 more words


Facebook to Boost Businesses' Sales With New Ad Unit

The social media giant introduced a new ad solution called “product ads” today, which was created specifically to help businesses sell their products on the platform.

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Capitalizing on We Heart It

One of the things I have noticed is the marketing on my We Heart It dashboard. It just so happens to have Victoria Secret: Pink… 342 more words


#TheDress: Social Media Goes Crazy As Users Try To Determine The Color Of One Dress

The dress is blue and black. And here is the white and gold. Smh pic.twitter.com/SRUDyonA64

— Michael Vilceanu (@Curropted) February 27, 2015

There is always some sort of viral debate going down on Twitter, and today’s discussion has led to guessing the color of a dress.

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