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NASCAR distances itself from Donald Trump after remarks

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ NASCAR is the latest corporation to distance itself from Donald Trump.

On the same day one of its top sponsors called on NASCAR to take a stance against Trump, the motorsports series said it will not hold its season-ending awards ceremony at the Trump National Doral Miami. 370 more words


Greeks Deserve Respect

Love my compatriots. They are really tough lot! Despite all the terror from all the sides -the Creditors and all the Greek mass media- bullying them constantly with banks shut for a week and perhaps more and with no really light at the end of the tunnel, I can say, more hardship is yet to come, they decided to stand up against any terror. 35 more words


Thoughts on the 4th of July

The July 4th holiday has past, last night’s fireworks following a torrent of rain from an impressive thunderstorm. For a few days I have been thinking about the strange, or perhaps, not so strange, tension July 4th holds for me. 493 more words

First Nations

Why do black people watch other black people's money

Over the past 20 or so years, I have noticed that many of us have turned “consciousness” into a new reLIEgion and anybody not part of this cult is ripe to be attacked for a myriad of reasons. 2,571 more words

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Want a promotion? Cheer up and be on time

If you’ve ever lost out on a promotion you believed you deserved, it’s entirely possible that no one ever told you why (even if you asked). 373 more words


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"How to get promoted: look the part" Isn't it time to toss the HR handbook? What utter BS. Especially when 'looks' are strongly correlated with classism, racism, and age prejudice. Aren't those exactly the structural inequities that HR is supposed to correct??

#GuestColumn: Two cities, one love

By Ping Wen

I am Ping, a first year student of the Global Studies programme and I am currently organizing a photo exhibition titled “Tales of Two Cities.” The basic idea was to encourage people living in Leipzig to participate by taking two photos, one in Leipzig and the other in another city anywhere in the world. 375 more words


Feminism and gender equality seems to be receiving a lot of coverage within mainstream media lately, rightly so. With the rise of social media and celebrity culture over the last decade and especially within the last few years a new platform has provided the opportunity for many to communicate a message in a totally new way and introduce this way of thinking, though how it isn’t just called common sense in a totally different story, to a new & widespread audience.

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Catherine Mayer