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Where is Gonski?

Craig Greer writes in the latest South Australian Teachers Journal about the lack of special needs funding. ‘It’s an issue that is becoming more critical by the day and, if not addressed with the rollout of needs based funding as recommended by the… 17 more words


Liz Sandals want to talk about efficiency

I suppose this is progress, at least sort of.  In an interview published in the Sun, Ontario’s education minister, Liz Sandals, is saying that we need to spend our education dollars wisely.  251 more words


How Stella Kowalski Got Her Groove Back (Spoiler Alert: She Got a Degree)

I’d like to share some statistics. In America, three women are murdered every day by a current or former male partner. Over 38 million women have experienced physical violence at some point at the hands of their partner. 981 more words


The Big-Bang 2.0

Greetings Space Cadets!

Welcome to March and the next turning of the great Earth wheel in its trip around the Sun. We move now into the quickening times of Spring and the Vernal Equinox for those of us dwelling in the Northern Hemisphere (North of the equator, for faster reference) and the more retiring and slumbering times of the Autumnal Equinox and the fall season for our fellow space travelers dwelling south of the Equator here on Spaceship Earth. 1,893 more words


The Catalyst: Radical Departures and Major Course Correction-Reflecting on the Uranus-Pluto Years of the early 21st Century

The implications of the Uranus-Pluto years will be played out over the ensuing centuries, with significant implications, below are some possible avenues for development, and one of the longer term outcomes. 2,049 more words


What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything?

Author: Avi

Illustrator: Tracy Mitchell

There comes a point in every boy and every girl’s life when they are brought face to face with stark realities that defy the world they know. 218 more words

Book Review

Chapel Hill Remembrance

By: Mayssa Masri

Although Americans hold dearly to their freedom of religion, people are still getting killed because of their religious and ethnic backgrounds. Hate crimes against Muslims have been steadily increasing these past few weeks and getting more news coverage. 700 more words