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I am confused!!

These are confusing times for those of us who follow the daily dose of ‘news’. I do so, partly because I have the morning paper addiction of many of my generation and partly, I guess because we do need to know the world we are living in. 623 more words

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Raise Your Voice Against Acid Attacks


Lets raise a voice against Acid Attacks and easy availability of Acid.


Acid attacks is throwing acid with the intention to maim, kill the target. 408 more words



I am Jiaheng Zhang and come from China. I am a current student at Northeastern University and majoring Mathematics. I had worked in Japan for year and also volunteered in 2008 Special Olympics Games. 296 more words

A Wake Up Call for Education Minister

Last week, Indonesians were shocked by the revelation that several public school textbooks contain hardline religious teachings. We obtained a copy of “Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti” and noticed the second paragraph of page 170 stating, “Yang boleh disembah hanyalah Allah SWT dan orang yang menyembah selain Allah Swt telah menjadi musyrik dan boleh dibunuh”, which in English means, “Only Allah SWT should be worshiped and those worshiping Allah SWT perform idolatry and can therefore be killed.” [Continue reading]


“Knowledge is important, but action is more important” – Now a days we are learning about entrepreneurship. I want to be an entrepreneur. Since last few years I have made my mind to be an entrepreneur.

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Social Issue

The rise of online public sphere in social media platforms

Social media has gained much attention recently for its ability to upheave the political relevance and encourage social change around the world. However, it is debatable that the actual potential of this tool is not about the new revolution but the way it empowers citizens and organizations to dispute about different views and conflicting ideologies that are happening in their society (Gerhands & Schafer 2010). 636 more words


The Private Dream

Going through some old research for a Model United Nations session, I came across a wide array of documents on privacy. Though those documents were hardly tied to one country, my mind now linked it back to my share of the world. 396 more words