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How fool we are!!!!

One day a friend of mine came to me and he inquired about one girl known to me. Said need your reference as some boy is going to ask her for marriege. 162 more words

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Coffee Tastes Better Than Hate

My Facebook feed feels like a battleground. Can we all try to remember that if we say hateful things about people who disagree with us (you or me, Christians or homosexuals), we haven’t grown much as a people and love hasn’t won? 74 more words


Food Troubles

If only we can make a way to transport wasted food thrown away from companies just because they are misshapen or ugly. It would require a system that can collect and sort 2 different batches: the usual products processed for 1st world companies, and the second for 3rd world countries. 21 more words


Respect women because they go through a lot,because they have problems and they are abused.
Respect men because they sacrifice,because blah blah..

Why do we need reasons to respect men and women?

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Black and white and red all over.

There has been huge changes in the social landscape over the past few weeks. I know a few that has affected my town, my state and the entire country. 337 more words


Eat something of your own size humans!

The fact that we humans are carnivores can’t be denied. We can eat everything from the green herbs to the red flesh. But I guess we’ve taken this carnivore thing too seriously and haven’t even spared the poor dogs. 294 more words

Social Issue

Frequent Attacks on Journalists & Media

Rs. 30 lakhs and 2 government jobs – this is the price of the life of an honest, brave and courageous correspondent’s life set by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. 555 more words

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