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Today I am sharing my thoughts on prostitution through this poem, I would like to request all the educated people to read this poem, understand the situation & please help the needy. 72 more words



Recently I started reading a book called “Aboriginal Reconciliation” by Justin Healy which talks about issues and how the reconciliation started amongst the other Australians and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 357 more words

Individual Pitch - "The Pattern"

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From a young age, we all observe our parents and their behaviours. There is ongoing scientific evidence that insinuates that we are heavily influenced by our family environments as young people. 570 more words


Individual Pitch- Run Down

Today our lecturer ran through was will be expected of us for our individual pitch presentations that we are required to present next week. We have to choose a social issue and brainstorm a campaign that could help create awareness for this particular issue. 92 more words


My first heart touching moment

A night drive from the airport in Chennai to Paddy with mom and dad, at the first signal we’re surrounded by girls in bare feet, no older than eleven, balancing sleeping babies on their hips as they tap on the window. 236 more words


The Cowboy Code

The Cowboy Code

As I’m getting older I’ve been reading westerns, especially those written by Louis L’Amour. Cowboys and Cowgirls lived good decent lives. And they lived by a simple code that guided them through life: 1,057 more words


Salvation Army toy centre

This is a story I wrote for the St. Albert Leader’s December 24, 2014 issue and was published on the St. Albert Leader’s website on December 24, 2014. 524 more words