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On Objective Truth

We live in a country, a world, in which truth is considered merely subjective. It’s such a beautiful sentiment, carved from a misconception of freedom. You have the right to believe what you want to believe, and because you believe it, it is truth. 790 more words


One Day at Work...

I’ve been such a neglectful blogger in these past few months, but with school and finals finally over my life seems to have some more wiggle room and I’m back to sharing my adventures with the rest of the world. 464 more words


Long Unobserved Discrimination, Observed!

The incidence of rejection of an MBA graduate’s candidature on the basis of religion is an issue which came into notice because of foolishness or in other words, truthfulness of a trainee. 117 more words

Muslim Candidate

Old Glory

Posted on FB on May 9th

Saw an article from a friend about Erica Walker stepping on a US Flag in front of soldiers (which just seems like an awfully stupid thing to do in my opinion) and I’ve seen a lot more people doing it as some sort of stupid social protest, but I looked up the US code regarding this and you know what it says? 373 more words


Respect: Is it really that Costly?

We are living in an apathy-fuelled society where social norms are mandated by those who has “power.”

Is it not interesting to note how others force you to “respect” them because they instigate fear? 548 more words



The guts have been on my mind today. By that I mean this article which talks about the connection between gut bacteria and our physical and mental well-being. 414 more words


Brian and Brandon: One drop theory

‘I can’t tell you how good it feels to know the first black president actually did well for the country. Like I think I will have Obama posters and whatnot in my child’s room before they can even see.’ Brian said as they watched the President address the nation. 886 more words