Free Laser Tag Event August 20th!

The Graduate School has organized a Laser Tag event for all current students, new students, alumni, faculty, and friends! The event is FREE and food will be provided. 70 more words

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7/4/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, we had a great Independence Day, and I hope you did as well.

We started out the morning by attending the Rio Rancho Independence Day Parade. 228 more words

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Remembering and Forgetting the Conflict in Ukraine: Recollections from a Grimshaw Trip

Julia Slupska, a 3rd year international relation student, led a Grimshaw delegation of eighteen LSE students to Kiev, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland in March.

When the other trip organisers and I were brainstorming risks in the trip we were planning to Kiev and Warsaw, we imagined scenarios we knew where unrealistic: separatist attacks, FSB abductions, sudden imposition of martial law.[1] In the end, the parts of the trip that were the most concerning were logistical difficulties (dividing a dinner bill in between eighteen broke students seemed at least as tense and complicated as the negotiations surrounding Minsk 2) and how quickly it ended. 1,219 more words

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St Mark’s Summer Barbecue 2015

Our summer barbecue was held in the garden of St Mark’s Community Centre, on July 4th. All those who attended must agree this social event was a great success. 49 more words

Social Events

The Hospitable Introvert...by Linda Carlblom

By nature, I am an introvert. I tend to avoid people and I recharge by having time alone. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy people when I’m with them. 986 more words

The Bath WI garden party 2015

Wow! Our garden party to celebrate the centenary of the WI in Britain was quite simply…wonderful! The sun shone, our members shone, the guests shone, the yarn bombing met guests with a riot of colour at the gate and led them to the party, the food was fantastic (and there was lots), the music from Nick’s Pramophone wafted on the Summer air…it was glorious! 392 more words

Bath WI