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Would you recognize stalking behavior?

Stalking behavior has nearly become an “epidemic” in the US. Learned through interpersonal behaviors in the family and with peers, it is perhaps the most efficient way to get whatever it is that one wants. 75 more words


Styx and Stones

Plato found a teacher who taught him                                                          how to learn.                                                                                                   Joan found the preachers who taught her                                                     how to burn.                                                                                                   “And I will find a resting place inside a                                                        a useless urn.” 272 more words

Polarized Politics

If it Walks Like a Duck .......

… looks like a duck and talks like a duck, it sure as hell ain’t a canary.

And yet Barack Obama and his ultra-Leftist nest of anti-Americans, elected by ignorant, gullible and guilt-ridden voters to oversee America, continue to avoid any recognition of or even the slightest acknowledgement of the fact that Islamic fascism has become the preeminent threat to world stability. 907 more words

Conservative Thought And Politics

I think my daughter is crazy

Growing up my child has always been difficult. She would pick on her brother whom is a mere 19 months older than her. While he was still in diapers she was bullying him.

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Our Divided Nation

How ironic that when he was elected Barack Obama had made a great show of promising to unite America and thereby won the support of legions of gullible voters who viewed him as the answer to all of our problems.   545 more words

Conservative Thought And Politics

Let's have a look on "Different Types of Anxiety Disorders"

Anxiety is a common occurrence when a person faces potentially problematic or dangerous situations. It is also felt when a person perceives an external threat. However, chronic and irrational anxiety can lead to a form of anxiety disorder. 535 more words

My Favorite


Yesterday was my birthday. People were nice to me.

He wanted to take me to dinner; somewhere nice to make it special. I thought it was a damn nice gesture but I didn’t want to go. 198 more words