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'This Fierce Whisper'

Initial text for ‘This Fierce Whisper’, the third of four planned pieces for The Death of Poetry. This joins the completed initial text for ‘What Does It Mean?’ and ‘From the Cave to the Mountains’. 142 more words



What follows below is the final text for ‘Damnation’, the 6th completed piece for Figures. It is sombre, stark, and, I hope, mortifying. What does it say about us… 66 more words


The End of an Error

This is from the original blog and I wrote it in 2011 when I was just getting ready to depart the UAE after seven years of being there.  474 more words


The 10 Suggestions: with Back to the Verse

If you’d like to read the poem check out this link: https://otlto.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/a-contemporary-gods-10-suggestions/ A very big thanks to Kyle Ferguson and Back to the Verse for the help.

Human Nature

Oh, I am Going to Talk about It.

It is political. It is controversial. It is social. It is in my home state.

Surely, you knew this was coming.

And before I even tuned in, I knew how the media, social, professional, and just my newsfeed would look. 1,128 more words

Social Criticism

On My Lack of Writing (Here) and Why and, Very Briefly, On the Lack of Veneration of Life For Death

For the past six weeks I have written here much less that I would like to or ever thought I would. This is frustrating after a fashion but, on the whole, something that I have come to accept as entirely necessary based on the circumstances. 1,133 more words


Vein of Iron pulses with unsentimental goodness

The Fincastle family of Ironside is what, in the early 1900s was referred to as “salt of the earth folks.”

Poor, hardworking, highly principled, they can be counted on to tend the sick, comfort the dying, stick up for the outcast. 183 more words

Social Criticism