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My media identity, part 3

The final innovation which profoundly affected my personal sense of identity was the advent of the Internet. By the time my wife and I broke down and bought our first PC in the early 90s, the World Wide Web was already a full-blown global phenomenon. 759 more words

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A Brief Thought On Being Numb to Joy

As much as I love video games I think that the video game industry broke me, relative to the games themselves, in the way that matters the most. 1,338 more words

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Happy Berfday, 'Merca!

The USA is a dying imperial power: corrupt to the core, hollowed-out, lacking a soul and empty within. We are a brutal, overbearing nation filled with violent, desperate, shamelessly ignorant people. 442 more words

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Bud Light Mixxtail®

(Note: this is a TOTALLY FICTIONAL transcript from an unused promotional ad for Anheuser-Busch’s new beer-like product, Bud Light Mixxtail® – ‘Reinventing the Cocktail Experience With Bold and Refreshing Flavors’):  455 more words

Social Criticism

An Incredibly Brief Thought on What is Missing in Talking About Transgender

It’s incredibly difficult to talk about transgender issues because the topic itself is highly controversial and, I think, from an outsider perspective there will always be a certain resistance (e.g. 899 more words


The Journey of the Green man and nihilism

I think that it’s about time that I talk about nihilism. An interesting question that you can start off with is why I’m trying to ‘explain’ nihilism. 530 more words


Me, Troll 2015: "THE AMERICAN SLEEP" (a poem by KPKeelan)


All across this land, feeling safe

under heavy blankets of reassuring illusion,

millions sleep

the American Sleep,

from sea to shining sea!

In this nightly ritual of drifting away, 131 more words

Kevin Keelan