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The Home of the Brave: In Black and White

I have started, many times, over the last few years to write about racially charged issues.  The problem was, I did not feel like I had much to say that had not already been said.   1,547 more words

Social Concerns

May newsletter

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In this month’s edition: Fiesta Mexicana § Forum on Our Future § Eddie Lacy at Synod Assembly § Racine Mission Cluster § FaithWorks Faces Challenges § Nepal Earthquake Response § Kevin Hunter Bike Ride § Bee Colony Collapse § Altar Guild Co-Chairs § Community Meal § Baile Familiar § EASY Year End Program § Neighborhood Camp Registration § Priceless Bake Sale § ‘What’s Next in Our Journey?’


Courageous conversations about violence

One might say that violence is a type of language in that it is a form of expression, a means to convey a message…

To have a conversation about violence one may begin with, what is violence? 1,800 more words

Social Concerns

Why are Black People so Angry?

Why is it when black people talk about issues affecting blacks and black communities, we are asked, “why are you getting angry?”

That is hilarious. What’s even more hilarious is that often we deny it, even though the pitch in our voice has increased, our blood pressure is elevated and every other stress response in our bodies is in full “fight mode.” 130 more words


"F" Pulling Yourself up by the Bootstraps

(F)orget pulling yourself up by the bootstraps when you don’t have boots or the straps are broken. For many Americans, this analogy conjures up the ideal of good old fashion work ethics to achieve success. 630 more words


Lebensraum and Violence

Lebensraum is a concept that comes from the German language whose idiosyncratic habit of fusing together multiple themes in one word is at times humorous and at times effective. 2,140 more words

Social Concerns

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When it comes to success, many organizations and institutions give lip service to diversity. It’s listed in their mission, vision, and as a core value. But when it comes to diversity in their higher echelons, the proof is NOT in the pudding. 248 more words