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Unrequited Love

The concept of unrequited love has been with us for a long time and simply put, it is defined as a one sided, non reciprocated love by one person for another, who may or not even be aware of the other person’s true feelings at all…Some people may even derisively call it mental masturbation, for all the good it does them!… 1,193 more words

Flag Waving

Lately, there has been a lot of sounding off and flag waving. You want to fly the rainbow flag? Go ahead. It’s new. It’s trendy. It certainly is colorful. 635 more words

Social Commentary

"We are storing up a greater crisis for the future" #Economics

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Queen’s Speech: “We are storing up a greater crisis for the future”
Below are extracts from a speech in the House of Commons by  1,065 more words

Social Commentary

David Cameron Abolishes Poverty?

I predict a riot….

Edit: Oh, and happy 4th of July Big Brother.


Kaiser Chiefs – I predict a Riot 

Watching the people get lairy… 179 more words



Written by A#Ghanaian#In#The#UK, a guest contributor.

Friday is really no day to work. But as a student, what can I do? Especially when I’ve got a paper in business management, and an assignment both due in one week? 382 more words