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Hey. Ireland actually sought its people's opinion on gay marriage. What a concept.

A few days ago Ireland held a historic vote. It asked citizens to decide whether to amend the Constitution to legalize gay marriage.

It passed overwhelmingly. 449 more words

Social Commentary

Short, Tall, Fat, Thin: Society's Rule Book of Bodies

WARDROBES, diets, actions and even personalities- you might not think so, but thereĀ is bound to be one or multiple aspects of your life confined by your appearance. 508 more words



so fucking upset right now. angry. shaking with panic and fear and anger.

gov’t wants me to go to one of their doctors next month and tomorrow they want to call me. 357 more words


Would Jesus approve of gay marriage?

I don’t like to argue politics on this blog. For one thing, I don’t know enough about politics to pull that off. But also, it’s nearly impossible to discuss it without people getting heated and uptight, or alternatively, deleting the comments of everyone who can’t keep a civil tongue, neither of which I like to do. 1,436 more words