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Letter From New York 05 22 15 Musing on Memorial Day...

It is a little after noon on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. I am headed north on the train for the long weekend, planning a restful time at the Cottage. 613 more words

Mathew Tombers

'Are you a 'Boardroom Mom?'

Every class has at least one or two of them. A ‘Boardroom Mom’ that runs her children’s life with the same determination and precision as running a Fortune 500 company, full of back-to-back appointments, targets and desired outcomes. 1,551 more words

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A Blogger's Dilemma - Words and Silence

Although no two days are the same, they divide themselves between up and down, loquacious and dumb, wordy and wordless.

Some days the words greet me in the morning. 165 more words


When America had reporters

How Nellie Bly changed journalism forever

Updated phil.edwards@vox.comH.J. Myers/Library of Congress

More than a half-century before “gonzo journalism” was a figment in Hunter S. Thompson’s imagination, newspaper writer Nellie Bly was living it. 1,583 more words

The answer is said to be death sentence, but what was the problem? Or, a cultural liaison anxiety.

The past weeks Indonesia has been on the spotlight for its policy in putting death sentence to alleged drug trafficking criminals. The act has raise uproar on layers of society in and outside the country. 641 more words

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when things go well....

when things ‘go well’, we have very little to bitch about. that doesn’t mean that shit doesn’t happen, just usually means the shit is small in proportion to the usual. 803 more words


Letter From New York 04 25 15 A good day for a party...

It is nearing 5:00 and the sun is beginning its slow fade to dark. I am sitting at my desk, looking out at the drive and the yard, still waiting for the trees to bloom. 453 more words

Mathew Tombers