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Letter From New York 03 23 15 Halfway to Delhi...

Sitting in the Upper Class Lounge for Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow Airport, I am surrounded by people traveling to the far corners of the world. The man to my left, who checked in just before me, is on his way to Capetown. 682 more words

Mathew Tombers

5 Reasons Why Internet Bullying Needs to Stop TODAY


You may think that you’re defending your celeb idol or the cute kid in your class or the sports team that you love, but in reality, you’re not defending or saving anyone. 482 more words


Letter From New York 03 22 15 Off to India...

The ice on the Hudson is breaking up more every day. It is one of the few signs of spring as winter keeps its claws in the Northeast. 649 more words

Mathew Tombers

Letter From New York 03 20 15 As the snow swirls on the first day of spring...

Outside the window of the office where I am sitting, big white flakes of snow are falling today, the first day of spring. I am hoping that by the time I return from India, winter will finally have loosened its grip on the northeast. 632 more words

Mathew Tombers

Thousand Word Pictures

Well hello imaginary readers of my blog (and a few real ones)!  It has been nearly a month since I’ve posted anything. I’ve had my head in the clouds for part of the time…making a great nearly 1500 mile (each way) trip  to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. 76 more words

Domesticated Man

Our Lady of the Crusades Redux

Dennis Aubrey’s post The Throne of Wisdom demonstrates how peoples’ views of life are shaped by their times in history.

During the Crusades, Mary and the Jesus of the Gospels become the authorization for killing Muslims. 198 more words