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A Letter to Mr. Netanyahu

Dear Sir,

Speaker Boehner’s invitation, your acceptance, and your appearance today before a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress insult the Office of President here in the U.S. 300 more words


Kickstart This Campaign...

…or at least fund this crowdsource.

I saw an article today that defined someone today as “deserving” for, really, the act of being a decent human being. 1,473 more words


Only rules...no rights...the great Indian media industry

I am seething today. I am angry at a system that is turning a blind eye to open exploitation and suppression of its work force. In the Indian media industry , there is full despotic rule. 691 more words

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The Heart (Or Art) of Fashion

Is fashion art? Or is it a weapon- a commercialised and deadly industry devoted to promoting unhealthy standards and shovelling up money?

I love fashion. I love the way a piece of fabric can be so expressive and influential simultaneously. 677 more words


Book Review: 'The Opposite of Spoiled: How to Raise Kids who are Grounded, Generous and Smart about Money'

Already when my daughter was three, I had to answer questions such as ‘Why don’t we have a slide in our house, mummy?’ (Considering she had three friends with indoor slides in their homes and we are a rather antisocial family, that seemed like a ridiculously high proportion of people with indoor slides, so it is unsurprising she asked that question. 1,053 more words

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Privatization: the Death of Public Life

Dennis Aubrey, photographer of great religious architecture, brought to our attention this edgy view from The Guardian on the deleterious effects of privatization on the city of London. 37 more words


Roosters in the Republican Barnyard

The cocks are crowing again.

Former failed Republican Presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani started it by saying he isn’t sure President Obama loves America. He quickly tried to backtrack, explaining he wasn’t questioning Mr. 423 more words