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My updated about me, if anyone is interested.

twenty-year-old living with depression and anxiety. struggling to make the most of life. wanderluster who wants to travel and see the whole world with my sidekick. 401 more words

Twenty and never been kissed

Is this even normal? I see couples everywhere and I feel as if I’m never going to have that. It honestly makes me sad. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. 192 more words


Ugh. On day 2 of my period and literally bled through my clothes to the point where I HAD to shower. I was suppose to wake up at 4 to do laundry but didn’t??? 195 more words


Fill up my sense

Having established a few vulnerabilities, having established that I have cut down most of the situations that trigger my social anxiety and therefore potentially a sense of panic, having established that my protected life is basically to be surrounded by the two most major triggers of all, how does one go about telling them: hem, please, stop talking , yo are triggering me, I can feel it? 65 more words

Ramblings Of The Soul And Mind

Over My Head

I’m in over my head, was all I could think tonight at the Kid Lit Drink Night for the 2015 Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators Western Washington Conference. 301 more words

My Side Of Things

Marshmallows of Childhood and Holsteins that never Sleep

Life couldn’t be as bad at I’m telling you, right? There had to be some good things or I should have some wild and crazy stories about tipping cows and drinking beer in the middle of a corn field… After all, it was late 90’s early 00’s.   2,037 more words


Letter to the teachers who wont remember me

its not that I don’t
want to speak
its that I want to so badly
to raise my right hand
to say the right thing… 164 more words