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Social steps. . .

There’s a party this weekend, you should come – A phrase guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of all those who suffer with anxiety. Others include – are you coming for drinks after work? 1,060 more words

Social Anxiety

Anxiety sneaked into my suitcase...

Anxiety sneaked into my suitcase and came on holiday with me. It’s hardly surprising but it is still frustrating. In anticipation of increased anxiety, I got a prescription for diazepam from my GP but I’m reluctant to take diazepam. 1,353 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Social Anxiety (I can relate)

Hearing people laugh near you. Not talking because you’re afraid that what you say will be judged. Keeping quiet in a conversation with three people. Not being able to go anywhere alone. 53 more words

thanks for the memories

I’m thinking about the past lately… how I could’ve done things differently than I did. Would I still have my friends and would I be happy? 431 more words

Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) - Green Day & What it Means to ME

Time of Your (Good Riddance) by Green Day is a song that has been important to me over the years. It has really helped me to move on to my next “adventure”. 253 more words


How to Overcome Social Anxiety

What does an anxiety attack feel like? Have you ever wondered if you were having an anxiety attack? If you have never had one, it can be really hard to relate to what someone is going through who might be experiencing one. 758 more words