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An Anxiety Update

It’s occurred to me that I’ve never done an update to let my readers know how I’ve been doing since starting Prozac for my anxiety last August.  858 more words

Achievement unlocked!

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been super duper stressed out in the past week-ish or so. This is because, not only do I have my examinations grades, project work, and council work to plan and carry out, but some individuals have made it difficult for me to carry out my work as smoothly and stress-free as possible :( 288 more words

Social ... erm... eeek!

I have many people in my friendship groups that suffer social anxiety, each on different levels. I’m not saying so and so has it worse than so and so, no not at all… I hate social anxiety, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and think that no matter what sets it off or how you react it’s all the same amount of shitty! 1,068 more words


Public speaking.

Mathia always thought she was one of those people. That she could go out and have fun, even be charming. She was right. Through high school and college, she found out that she could be any of those people. 758 more words


10 Pieces of Relationship Advice I've Learned but Still Need to Constantly Remind Myself of:

1. If he wants to see you, he will make it happen.

2. He’s not going to change for you.

3. And don’t be with someone who expects you to change for them. 82 more words


Insomnia and Social Anxiety

I used to suffer from occasional insomnia. Especially on nights before a big event I was nervous about, like my first day at school or a big trip. 388 more words

Social Anxiety

21st May 2015

Massively overworked myself today! I went swimming and worked myself so hard i got dizzy spells bit stupid really!

I am just so desperate to be able to swim 200m without stopping but I can still only manage 100m front crawl anyway… 358 more words