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Sunday blog day! I hope I can keep that schedule up. My mind lately has been all about making myself accountable by making schedules…and it ends there. 537 more words


The Difference Between Being Alone and Feeling Alone

I’ve spent a lot of time on my own this weekend, here in Seattle. I’m up here for Camp Jitterbug, this Lindy Hop bootcamp type deal and it’s been great. 218 more words

My Side Of Things

Just nothing

Ever since I got out the hospital just over a week ago, its been that inner debate over whether I am actually ok or not. Part of me sometimes argues that I am and I’m just over reacting to things and other times its says I’m really not okay. 269 more words


Not again...

For the past two weeks, I have found myself in a depressive state. My sisters graduation is on Sunday and I just don’t think I can handle it. 352 more words

Anti-Social Butterfly

Every time I am at a party, I like to play a game called, “How Long Will You Politely Stand Next to Me Until You Figure Out I’m Not Going To Keep Talking To You?” It’s never a game I intend to play. 1,439 more words



For a students with social anxiety, sitting in a classroom with their peers can be quite stressful. Sometimes, these students prefer to do things online. LingoView is a listening comprehension site that allows students to watch videos at their own pace and fill in the corresponding comprehension quizzes. 90 more words

Attention Problems

The trouble with leaving my room

I’m an introvert. I write¬†worlds¬†better than I speak, and I have the time of my life when I’m completely alone for a few hours and don’t have any outside stimulus. 256 more words

Immature Roommates