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The rain and my anxiety-A poem

The voices fill the air drowned out by the thunder,

hurried footsteps scuffle along the pavement,

the dark sky threatens of rain, as the clouds put on a brilliant display, and light, crisp clear pellets of water are flung asunder, 127 more words

Inner Ramblings

Life is for living

Hey everyone so these days I’ve noticed that I have found less and less things to blog about and I found that It is probably because I wasn’t being entirely open with myself and this blog and probably wasn’t writing how I felt, so this post is really my real reintroduction post about who I am and what I am about. 231 more words

Inner Ramblings

Quest for the Holy Grail of Social Anxiety

Ever since I learned that social anxiety disorder was a thing, I’ve been in search of the Holy Grail. The instant cure. A magic pill that would get rid of my shyness and make me “normal”. 372 more words

Social Anxiety

Thoughts on Social Anxiety

I think there are two levels of social anxiety. There’s the average level that everyone has when they want to make a good impression, and then there’s the more extreme level caused by poor coping mechanisms when average levels of social anxiety are experienced. 273 more words


Social Anxiety in Movies: Choking Man

What’s it about?: Choking Man is a psychological drama about Jorge, a young Ecuadorian immigrant with extreme social anxiety who works as a dishwasher in a Greek diner in Jamaica, Queens, New York. 2,793 more words

Social Anxiety

The number one fear

Do you know what our number one fear is?

Death? No – that normally comes about 4th on the list.

Spiders? No – they also come a little further down the list. 90 more words

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