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Apartment Hunting in Los Angeles

I had driven across the country, from New York to Florida to California. My dream had come true— one small part of it, at least. I was in Los Angeles, but I still had to actually find a place to live. 1,911 more words

Social Anxiety

Female Social Rules

Who are we trying to impress
with our compliance to
their ever changing rules?
Who will have our backs
when the crowd turns against us? 50 more words


Somewhat encouraging

Just over 2 years ago, I took the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale Test and posted my result:

68(fear) + 64(avoidance) = 132

You have very severe social anxiety. 403 more words

Social Anxiety Disorder

Brief befriending update

I mentioned at the end of last summer that I was looking into getting a befriender through a mental health charity. They found someone that sounded like a good match for me and we met for the first time back in November. 383 more words

Social Anxiety Disorder

Here I am in the raging sea

But here I am in the raging sea
And my soul is bound for hell.”

I had some pain in my left side yesterday and the night before.My stomach or intestines,probably It was deep inside rather than a strain. 90 more words

Social Anxiety

Vocabulary wall of past readings/texts

For students who experience difficulty with memorization, a vocab wall of past texts covered in class would allow them to view the terms that were covered more frequently. 149 more words

Low Tech

Le la

For many students, remembering the articles “le” and “la” of a French noun can be difficult to remember. This app, which may be downloaded for free, provides an individual with the article immediately. 116 more words

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