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Social Anxiety Anxieties

Sometimes I am really not sure why it is I write. Do I write because I can’t truly speak out loud what is in my head?   699 more words


Happiness is a choice?

I read a lot of self help  type blogs and forums. Who wouldn’t if you were as mental and miserable as me. Some people with books or things to sell will scour the internet for people(victims?) with mental health problems probably because they see you as desperate or vulnerable and try to entice you with their books or whatever as if they can change your life. 370 more words

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Things Are Changing...

I can feel things changing in my life. My anxiety and depression are decreasing. I finished reading “Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness” by Gillian Butler. I copied down more records of changing thoughts and behaviors. 607 more words

Social Anxiety

Insomnia and Social Anxiety

I used to suffer from occasional insomnia. Especially on nights before a big event I was nervous about, like my first day at school or a big trip. 388 more words

Social Anxiety

Another Post About Sobriety

I learnt some really confronting things about myself when I chose to refrain from drinking for just one month.

I chose to stop because it was stacking up as a primary cause of my anxiety; that combined with memory black outs and lingering hangovers – it’s worth noting that I’m not an outright booze-hound but I do enjoy a drink or two on the weekend ;) 309 more words

The Power of the Heart

Unfortunately the overwhelming anxiety has not relented. I tried going out for three long walks this week but nothing has helped. Even worse it was my birthday today and despite my sister coming for a short time this morning it just makes me feel worse. 183 more words

Social Anxiety

Compassion Focused Therapy for Social Anxiety

It’s not unusual for people to get nervous in certain social situations. Preparing to give a speech and meeting a group of people you don’t know are both great examples of situations where it’s perfectly understandable to experience a little anxiety. 578 more words