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Here we are again

Sometimes when I drink I am easily irritated. When my husband pushes my buttons and I have a bottle of wine in my system, the result is not pretty. 188 more words


My Red Flags

The author of Unpickled, one of the first sober blogs I found, listed the “red flags” that told her it was time to stop drinking.   776 more words


Prayer – The First and Last Tool You’ll Ever Need

A heart of solid stone… that’s what it would take to survive if I did not have PRAYER in my toolbox. For all the times past, present and future when I could not, would not or did not DO anything. 1,178 more words

Deb Palmer

Looking back.

This is a diary entry from back in september 2014, I had 21 days alcohol free.

I am a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak…These have been the things that in on one hand have kept me drinking for so long and on the other hand have helped me to stop. 341 more words


No More Nasty Hangovers

It’s Thursday and normally I’d be happy about that because that means tomorrow is Friday, and Friday is “getting hammered day” which I look forward to all week, but not anymore. 481 more words


Finding Spirituality

Growing up, I knew nothing of spirituality.  I knew religion.  Do this.  Don’t do that.  Say these things, act this way and you will be promised a golden seat in Heaven.   677 more words


I’m really enjoying the tapping seminar. For those who have not been able to watch or listen to any of it: you can find some other video’s on the subject on Youtube as well. 845 more words