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Reaping rewards

I finally ordered a DSLR camera, and it’s coming in the mail tomorrow! I’m nervously excited about it. My guilt over spending the money loops me back around to thinking about the obscene amount I’ve saved by not drinking, so then I just feel pleased about it again.  305 more words


just sit with it

come in a little closer, child.

you will hear so many pieces of wisdom through your long, long life.

most of them worth nothing more than the time it takes to hear them… 254 more words


I'm on my way home

I was still hungover when the plane landed. At the gate, the passengers surged to standing, their hips and elbows everywhere as I stared into the back of the seat. 1,554 more words


Sober Life Day 5 Part 2

I’m not quite as annoyed as I was earlier. But I did do some pretty drastic things to escape the monotony and avoid picking up beer. 495 more words



Six months since going vegetarian.

One year, six months since quitting alcohol.

One year, ten months since choosing celibacy.

Two years, four months since ceasing caffeine.

Eleven years since quitting cigarettes.

The Masks I wear

I spend so much of my life laughing and joking with people that it’s become just who they think I am. Or at least who I think, that they think I am. 263 more words


Sober Life Day 5 Part 1

Today is a bit of a change from the last few days I’ve had. Rough, to say the least. I’m on a short fuse.

Everything is annoying as hell! 165 more words