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Getting Shirty!: Lady Gaga and the XXX Tee

Lady Gaga isn’t someone who dresses conservatively. In fact her OTT clothing often overshadows her (awesome) music.

It’s drawn heat in the past and this week she came under fire for her choice of clothing once more. 647 more words


Disney Princess Gliders dress changes

Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian friends! We love hearing from you. Today, we have a Disney Princess Gliders video. In it, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel all exchange dresses and try a few new ones on. 20 more words


Snow White, Old and New

I love fantasy stories. I love the characters in fantasy stories. I know this genre is overwhelmingly white and heteronormative, but I find a lot of value in the way fantasy explores interpersonal relationships and themes. 601 more words


Wordless Wednesday - 7/1/15

A Snow White moment with the woodland creatures in our backyard…

Life In The Kingdom

If Seinfeld Characters Were Disney Princesses

I have a confession to make… I am having a really hard time watching Seinfeld. Seriously. It’s painful. But I am not a quitter! With the exception of vocal lessons, piano, violin, gymnastics, dancing, and a half-dozen other pursuits. 496 more words

Obscure Snow White Variant: “King Peacock”

Culture of Origin: Louisiana, USA

Differences from the well-known version:

  • Snow White is persecuted by her mother, not her stepmother.
  • Snow White and her mother are not royalty.
  • 842 more words
Fairy Tales

Hazel Likes: Disney Couture Snow White Jewellery

Have you heard of Disney Couture?

For those of you not in the know, it’s a Disney brand that creates and sells high-end Disney jewellery. If you’re looking for some Disney-inspired jewellery, but want something a bit more long-lasting and durable, or perhaps something that is more subtle and classy, then Disney Couture is your brand. 358 more words

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