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Eyes Wide With Wonder

Ah, the keyboard. It has been waiting patiently and quietly for my return! Ever the traveler – I have been off gallivanting. I had my old laptop with me but it was slow and difficult to navigate. 461 more words


Hard Truth

I don’t wanna look.
I don’t wanna know.
I don’t wanna recognize the wrong that happens all around me.
I don’t wanna stand hopelessly by while injustice throws its fists into the faces of those that stand in its way. 202 more words


Eating spinach every day could make your brain 11 years younger

We all know that vegetables are good for us – but did you know that eating just one portion of leafy greens a day could stave off dementia? 214 more words


Nuts Are a Nutritional Powerhouse .



MARCH 30, 2015

Sadly, for more than half my life, I had avoided some of nature’s most perfect and healthful foods: nuts and peanuts. 930 more words


Oracle character set conversion downgrade checkup with utl_i18n

Doing an export/import or a ctas or an oci/jdbc client action into a database that has smaller sized character set, multi- to single-byte for example, will raise the problem of information loss in terms of character data. 546 more words


Snippet #7- Ani

And this is the last one. We’re done for the month :) I hope you’ll enjoy reading Ani!

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on… 6 more words

MVOL: Unused scenes

Trying to set the tone right for returning to the stone door was tricky. It’s been a while since I wrote the first trip through, and recapturing the feel of each character while advancing them in a meaningful way took a little extra work. 504 more words