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January Snow Day

I posted the chair and table shot, but I had more . . . I felt guilty about not using them. I’ts almost like neglecting one’s children (only cheaper). 365 more words

Photography Stuff

I had an idea . . .

. . . and Melisa actualized it  . . . 

I also have a radiometer (it’s spinning but since it’s a still, you can’t see it) and a tiny ghost. 275 more words


December 31 (Dalek Day 365/365)

The day has finally come. D-Day for the Daleks (Departure Day, that is.)  They insisted on sharing a Chinese meal before they left, noting that “parting is such sweet-and-sour sorrow.”  Then in a flash they disappeared back into the time and space continuum from whence they came, their work here done.  130 more words


December 30th (Dalek Day 364/365)

With 364 days of experience with people behind them, I asked my visitors what makes Daleks think they are superior to humans.  One of them projected the image below onto a nearby wall. 34 more words


December 29 (Dalek Day 363/365)

Today the Daleks asked to return to the beach to do one last piece of research on human behavior.  “We want to get a better understanding of what ‘pier pressure’ really feels like.” 60 more words


December 28 (Dalek Day 362/365)

It was a moment of astonishment for the Daleks today when I served them donuts.  Which was quickly followed by an admonishment.  “Why on earth did you wait until the… 37 more words


December 26 (Dalek Day 360/365)

The blue Dalek invited a special friend to join them for Christmas.  When it came time for her to leave today, I was amused to hear their guest turn to the Dalek and say, “Let’s stay in torch.” 25 more words