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because they’re not made of STONE.


26 April 2015: Finding my inspiration

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to find inspiration, ways to challenge myself as a writer in the oddest of places.   Fortune cookies being one of them.  161 more words

Jennifer Geoghan

'Real Facts'

Found this ‘real fact’ on my Snapple cap this morning. I never realized lobsters understood simple dance patterns. Oh, my bad. SPINY lobsters.

It is difficult to believe this fact, and that there are at least six hundred and ninety-three other facts as real as this one. 32 more words



(Minus the support of Columbus part)


Snapple Fact Series Is Complete!

I have just completed the daily Snapple Facts section on the blog.

Snapple Fact # 928 posted this morning at 6 AM!

Glad that’s over with! 16 more words

Snapple Facts

Snapple Fact # 927

John Adams was the only President to be defeated by his Vice President, Thomas Jefferson. 20 more words

Snapple Facts