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Why Severus Snape Was The Best Character In The Harry Potter Universe, and I'll Fight You If You Disagree.

So I just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and Two last weekend, and I have to say, Dumbledork was kind of a dick, and Snape wasn’t given enough props.   646 more words

Alan Rickman

Potterwatch- The Bravest Man

Hey there, all you potential readers.

So here I am again, that annoying skinny little kid who likes to think too much, with that itch to write and that twinkle in his eye again. 1,107 more words


Rec: An Eye for an Eye

Link: http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=11874&chapter=1

Title: An Eye for an Eye

Author: Arsenic

Length: 45309 words

Status: complete

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape

Pairings: Harry/Draco/Snape, Draco/Snape, (Hermione/Neville, Ron/OC) 213 more words


J is for...

My 2015 A to Z Challenge Theme is Quotes & Lines from Literature. Each day I will be posting a favorite quote or a few lines from well known short stories, poems or novels, with the letter of the first name as the A to Z. 341 more words

8 Villains We Secretly Like

I would refuse to believe that none of us cheered for the bad guy, at least once. There have been times when I had hoped that the bad guy will triumph. 903 more words


Potter's Field of Dreams. No building...just come on down!

It’s rare that I start a post with a photograph I didn’t take…and rarer still to not include ANY photographs of mine…but I had to offer my tu-pence on this gem. 1,030 more words