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FODMAP Friendly Banana Bread

This is the recipe I use when I make my own Banana Bread. The recipe initially came from Super Food Ideas. I generally freeze my banana bread to avoid it going stale and also makes it super easy when it comes to trying to find a quick snack. 150 more words


Butterscotch Sticks + Recipe Video

I have a new favorite flavor guys! Butterscotch! After making this recipe, I have fallen in love with butterscotch and butterscotch-flavored anything.

If I have a list of my favorite flavors/desserts. 330 more words


Vibrant Beetroot Hummus

This beetroot hummus is everything you would want it to be… and more. It’s so easy to make, it’s vibrant in colour, its healthy and it tastes amazing! 153 more words

Gluten Free

The Perfect Trail Mix Cookie (Vegan)

This recipe is dedicated to those of you who share the belief that the best place to enjoy a yummy cookie is atop a beautiful mountainside. 477 more words


The Story of Chikki

Chikki is a very common sweet snack, but the fact is not many are aware of its amazing history. In the year 1888, when the railway line was started in India and as the construction work of it geared up, the railway line was constructed uptil Lonavala station which happens to be a very famous spot adored by Mumbaikar’s during the monsoons. 290 more words


Peanut butter and sesame cookies

I can’t claim this recipe. I can’t even claim having found this recipe. The thing is, my friend who shared the love my way doesn’t have a food blog of her own (though the way she cooks, she should) so I feel it’s my duty to in turn share the love to you lot…whomsoever you lovely bunch are. 558 more words

In The Kitchen

Black Beans & Roasted Veggies Tacos

I remember the 1st time I had Mexican food… specially the hard tacos!!! I didn’t like at all… Let me confess and make you laugh that I couldn’t understand how to handle a hard-shell taco in my hand and more than that, how to eat it without creating a mess :P Well, now I love Mexican delicacies as much as I love any other cuisine but hard taco shells are still in my NO-NO zone. 297 more words