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Embracing eating healthy 

So lately I’ve been feeling a little self cautious and have decided to get toned and fit! This morning I made a great simple smoothie complete with half a protein shake, strawberries, a bannana, and fiber powder. 39 more words


Starting New

Hello All!
It’s been FOR-EV-ER since I posted and some things have changed. I am not a vegan anymore but I am still veggie. I am on winter break right now and I have been eating a lot of sweets and I think I have gained wait. 194 more words

Smoothie Recipies

Go Green!

Ingredients c/o Green Blender

I don’t know about you, but after this week’s Thanksgiving food-fest, I feel the need to sip on some fresh organic goodness, … 184 more words

By Christine Bibbo Herr (NYCpretty)

Dağ Çileği'nden Çeşitlemeler

Son dağ çileğini ben kaptım. Bir tanecik kalmıştı ve beni bekliyor gibiydi. Benim için özenle toplanmış yarım kilo olgun, dolgun, lezzetli dağ çileği, yerim sizi :) 442 more words

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