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one of those days
when dark comes in pieces
and nobody knows the color
of the sky. the sulfur scent
of silence and rain that isn’t… 57 more words

The New Yorker and Nuts, Nuns and Nukes

Yesterday, on my twitter account,* Keith K. called to my attention to a long and very detailed article in the New Yorker that I completely missed regarding the break in at the nuke storage facility. 183 more words

WOC Wednesday: Irene Bedard

Irene Bedard rules still, but she certainly ruled the ’90s. 219 more words


Smoke Signals

“Sir, a message from my employer, Mr. Chief.”

“Read it to me.”

The messenger cleared his throat. “It says, I regret to inform you our deal is off.   197 more words


Finding Context for Smoke Signals in Sherman Alexie's Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Over the course of this school year, I’ve noticed that the courses that I am taking are overlapping and allowing me to see the same topics from a social science, humanities, and theatrical/film perspective. 507 more words

Tasting Notes-Smoke Signals

Every Thursday my Yorkshireman has some friends over for dinner and role-playing games (the nerdy kind, not the sexy kind). I cook a good meal, we all drink some beer and then they head to the living room and the land of make-believe while I head upstairs and catch up on ridiculous reality TV or Top Chef. 337 more words

Indian Signals. Extra Blog- First Nations

Sherman Alexie is a Native American artist, who has written several Native- inspired novels and co-produced films, including Smoke Signals. In the film Smoke Signals, … 346 more words