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Music Festival

There was this music festival Ultra in town last weekend. And she just flew into town for this festival. Because she is a blogger for music and writes reviews on… 47 more words



Hey guys!

Welcome to my new blog, Simply Smile! This blog will have a few different sides, which are explained below.Thanks for checking it out! 206 more words


"The rose that grew from concrete"

It’s about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone beyond her vision.A girl who longs to breathe the air of new places.A girl who is driven and who is wishing to bask in the glory of new blessings. 113 more words


Can you hear

This is sad, bad, and mad weather coming. But not the physical kind, the mental one. There is inclement weather brewing in my head. You just know it in your heart. 116 more words


Unexpected kindness

I just finished 2 long days and short nights, sleeping around 11 hours, traveling by train for 5 hours, by car for 7 hours and up presenting for the client for about 16 hours. 276 more words


I'm so excited...

I’m so excited to finally start doing some proper YouTube videos in a couple of weeks! I’ve been coming up with so many ideas, the main being reviews on super cheap makeup, are they any good? 150 more words


It starts with those closest...

So first of all look at what a fabulous job my mum did with my nails today! 

She’s been talking about starting a nail business for a few months now and we bought all the kit but it’s been a bit lacking and put to the back of everything recently, so today I thought hey, I totally enjoy doing anything to do with social media and I’m pretty good at it, usually! 459 more words