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Breath rather than try.

Relax rather than offer effort.

Smile rather than struggle.

Be rather than do.

– Abraham Hicks


Family | the secrets of the universe

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By LaurenRautenbach

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crow's feet

i see the wrinkles
at the tail of your eyes
and i adore them,
for they do not lie;
you smile a lot,
and you smile genuinely. 29 more words


Family | Smile

Please tell us what you think! :)

By burdnik

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun.... And When You're Having Babies!

So, recently I’ve been so busy being a mom that I had completely forgotten about something else that I love and am passionate about… WRITING!  It’s been over a year that I had written on my blog and I know that’s because I had moved down the shore in the summer and had been working a ton.. 1,387 more words

Happiness is key...

So, all week I have been making a particular effort to try and keep things positive.
When I feel sad, I think of the little things that make me happy. 122 more words