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...because my happiness is bigger than your man - ego.

His words: “I could never understand how you do it. Going around smiling like it doesn’t hurt, when you know very well that it kills you inside that I left.” 176 more words


Give a little back - SMILE

For weeks now my mom has been telling me to listen to one of her favourite healing philosophers, Louise Hay.

I can assure you that as oppose to my mother I am a very positive person, but listening to “101 positive meditation phrases” is not my jam. 445 more words

Even the rainbow smiles...

Love this photo I took of an upside down rainbow last year…

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6 Ways to Radiate Sunbeams

A few years ago now, someone once said behind my back,“I don’t trust Ali because no one can be that happy, all of the time!” 1,336 more words

Health And Well Being


My mom was sitting on her phone in my living room, while my puppy, Nelly, was sitting on her lap. Mom was checking

emails, completely in her own world, not paying attention to anything going on around her. 192 more words


I can see clearly now the rain is gone

There is so much negativity in the world, so much to worry about. And sometimes you just get yourself thinking that you would be normally nervous about that kind of situation you have to deal right now, but you’re just not. 171 more words

Smiling more is good.

I am that type of a person who generally doesn’t smile,and many people have told me so.I know this is bad and it should be changed.Even a school kid passing on the street asks me “aap haste nahi ho kya?”(You don’t smile?). 60 more words