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Sex - List 15

Wow the weeks go by too fast.  It’s TGIF and that means another Sex – List.

Well people guess what is out in the theaters! 72 more words

Small Talk

The art of small talk & why I'm in love with the weather

Some people hate small talk. It’s all surface. Generally taking place between two people who don’t necessarily plan on getting to know each other any more than a few brief minutes allows, there’s very little motivation, if any, to be especially transparent or honest. 1,797 more words

Don't Re-Negotiate (Tales From a Steam Room)

One of my daily routines includes hanging out in the steam room for a strict 10 minutes. More than its physical benefit, I’m also enjoying how it also is largely a mental exercise that may lead to perseverance. 214 more words

Small Talk

The Real Answer (Or Let's Talk About Music)

I’m not the first introvert to get anxious when forced to make small talk. At parties, I have a bad habit of diving into conversations about the human condition, mental illness, vulnerability, religion, and the existence or non-existence of… 698 more words


Small Talk Is Out

I can’t have any more small talk,
any more how was your weekend? or
where did you go for lunch? and
are you having a nice afternoon? 237 more words


Sex - List 14

I know I am posting late but it is Friday and I didn’t want to leave you and start the weekend without a Sex – List. 43 more words

Small Talk

How to Keep a Conversation Going

I’m sure most of you have experienced the moments when your head goes blank just as the last few words trickle out of the conversation, and you stand there in an awkward silence that makes you feel like you just want to disappear. 433 more words

Tips For The English Learners