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5 more clues you might be dealing with an introvert & how to survive the encounter

As promised, I’ve mulled over my thoughts in a relaxing environment all by myself, and come up with more (hopefully) helpful hints on understanding us introverts. 485 more words


Three ways to make small talk more meaningful

Small talk is everywhere. Like, everywhere. And if often involves our first interaction with a person — either a brand-new person, or our first interaction with a friend/acquaintance when we reconnect with them. 612 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Anti-Social Butterfly

Every time I am at a party, I like to play a game called, “How Long Will You Politely Stand Next to Me Until You Figure Out I’m Not Going To Keep Talking To You?” It’s never a game I intend to play. 1,439 more words


The Chase

We live in a generation where we can be whoever we choose ourselves to be, and most often than not these choices are actually more than what we need if we are not too careful.   244 more words


Your Life Is Not Going Well

You Are A Mess: I’m sorry to say this but your life could be a lot better. I’ve been watching you watching TV. Your mobile phone is on the arm rest so you can see the flashing light. 775 more words

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Saturday Small Talk

Welcome to your (long!) weekend. Are you having fun yet? We’re with friends at a campground, and loving every second of our first 2015 camping trip. 188 more words

Small Talk

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It’s Friday!

Not only is it the beginning of the weekend but for many of us, it is the beginning of a long weekend….Yipee!

Lets’ start by saluting our soldiers then head on out for some picnics and Bar-B-Q’s. 216 more words

Small Talk