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How to Small Talk

I told one of my classes that I hate the word “fine.” I had asked them how they were doing that day and everyone just stared at their books and mumbled, “I’m fine.” 1,438 more words


Small Talk

she’s walking to class

holding books and a shiny calculator

her polite hair and polite mouth

huge bulging breasts

the clouds block the sun momentarily… 139 more words


Olabiyi and Fabiyi in shooting Wolves. 

Morning Guys,

Having eased over Buffles du Bougou or Buffles the Burgers or whatever they are called, the fact is that our seasons fixtures are opening up rapidly in front of us.

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Small Talk

Small talk

In my frequent reflections on why I don’t write more one of the most persistent concerns is that it is so difficult to say what I actually want to say. 1,233 more words


What do you say in an elevator?

I had a friend, Barry, who would stand, while waiting for an elevator, as close to the door as possible without touching it. When the doors opened, the individuals would be greeted by this face staring at them and saying “Good morning, all!” 666 more words

The Big Picture on Small Talk

In the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at UCLA, I took a screenwriting class. I was too immature for the course but also too immature to recognize that. 554 more words

Carrie Bradshaw