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29 gifts to my younger self

At a recent lunch with friends of over 15 yrs, in a somewhat reflective mood I asked, “What advice would you give your younger selves?” Surprisingly, these ladies in their 50s did not dismiss my question but spent time seriously musing over it. 409 more words

Personal Change


It’s Friday! The end of my first week live and blogging. Thank you so much for the love!

This weekend make sure to share some of that lovin’ you got going on. 71 more words

Small Talk

How To Send Me Into an Identity Crisis

Adults can be so ignorant and offensive with their questions. For the most part, I brush it off as cute. Still, what response are my elders expecting with, “How’s school going?” I am confined to one of two answers: a generic “well” and those noises produced during a stress-induced panic attack. 258 more words


Adorn Your Own Heart

I don’t think anyone wants to be disagreeable.

I don’t think a person’s feet hit the floor when they roll out of bed, and they think to themselves,  374 more words

Super Super Super Eagles...you will go to USA and win the World Cup! 

Morning Guys,

So last night, the Super Eagles could not fly past the cranes of Uganda in our most recent Grade A friendly match. When this encounter was named a Grade A friendly, I thought that was comical but a simple definition of a Grade A friendly is playing against an opposition that will give you quality fight and can beat you home or away, so maybe the guys who tagged this a Grade A friendly were right after all. 674 more words


T's Personal Talk Time

Joanna Malefaki’s post about T’s personal talk time (TPTT) made me think and inspired to write this short entry. Note: In her post title, the ‘T’ stands for Teacher, and in my post below for both Teacher and Trainer. 831 more words

Teacher Reflections