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What to expect when you deal with a contractor

Congratulations!  You’ve found your contractor!  You are on your way to a better home!

What can you expect from your contractor? And what can they expect from you? 578 more words

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Why I love my bathroom

I want to write a love letter to my WC.  I’ve been away from home this summer, using different bathrooms and I came to realize all the things I truly love about my bathroom. 884 more words

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What's keeping in the kitchen?

Does anyone else wonder where the money goes for their food?

We hardly ever eat out.  We love to eat — and cook — and we make our own dinners almost every night (we went out twice in the past month — one anniversary and one reunion dinner with family).   434 more words

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Teensy tinyness -- taking it even smaller

I was chatting with an acquaintance the other day, who knowing how fanatical keen I am on small houses, told me that he and his wife are planning on building a tiny house. 736 more words

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Mixin' in the kitchen

Apartment Therapy is a great source for info on small spaces.  Let’s face it — most apartments are small.  That means getting clever with organization and use of space. 504 more words

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