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Attention to Detail

March 26, 2015

In all you do, pay attention to detail. It truly is the little things that matter. I worked with a guy who always said, “take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” I finally figured out what he meant several years after we had worked together. 134 more words

March 2015

Fresh Perspectives with Dr. Eugene Habecker

Fresh Perspectives with Dr. Eugene Habecker

Small Stuff


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Dr. Eugene Habecker

Nail care

Zwiliing J. A. Henckels Pour Homme ultra slim nail clippers

Good nail care is an important facet of long distance walking. Overgrown toe nails quickly become noticeable on extended downhill stretches as the foot is pressed forward in the shoe or boot. 430 more words


How to Write a Christmas Letter

I know it isn’t the season, but there’s nothing like planning ahead. The following, from 2010, is an example of the drivel I’ve churned out for the last thirty-five years. 668 more words


I Know.

There is only thing I know without a shadow of a doubt. There is only one thing. Everything else I would have to be an arrogant prick to openly admit expert knowledge and there are enough of those, you know who you are… If you have no doubt that your thought or idea is the ONLY WAY for a human being to act, think or behave in a positive manner that makes the planet a better place; quite possibly you are on that prick list. 219 more words

Spring is on the Horizon

We had house guests over the weekend. My sister and her best buddy showed up for some diving and warm weather, which the day they arrived it was our coldest in four years so there’s that. 238 more words

Life & Such

It's all small stuff ….

Warning: Not saying anything new here ….

There was a book out several years ago out called “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. In it was different vague platitudes about how life has its little issues and to just let them just roll off your back and to not worry so much. 411 more words

Die Hard