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On the Fast "Tract" to healing???

Aloha from SIBO world! Not to be confused with sea world…though I do sort of have whale belly sometimes. I am 12 days off the… 2,953 more words

Elemental Diet

S.I.B.O. - Shit, I'm Being Ornery (cause ya know, I NEEDS THE FOODS! ALLLL THE FOODS!

My last post as the postergirl for Elemental dieting! Roll out the friggin’ red carpet ya’ll, ’cause Katie Caldwell just went 23 days without eating!   3,751 more words

Elemental Diet

The Woes of Wheat

My friend Claudia and I were sitting at lunch at a Montana dude ranch. She took just one spoonful of the savory chickpea soup before saying, “Oh, this was a mistake.” Claudia is exquisitely sensitive to gluten, and despite reassurances from a waitress, it appeared that the soup was not wheat-free. 372 more words

Weight Management

S.I.B.O. - So I'm Basically Overdue (for a pizza)

Here we are again, 3rd update!  I’m chugging along verrrrrry slllllowly, like a little SIBO snail. But a pissed one.  Imagine a pissed, bloated, starving snail. 4,027 more words

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S.I.B.O - Still Ingesting Bad...Ooze? (Ok I'm reaching here...work with me)

Another update from…SIBO GIRL!  She runs faster (to the toilet) than a speeding bullet!  Her ability to bloat is more powerful than a locomotive! She’s able to leap into uncomfortable conversational topics (like her bowel movements) in a single bound!   3,345 more words

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I gots the S.I.B.O, which now stands for: Suck It Bacterial Overgrowth

Wha?!?!  A non-travel blog?  Yes, that is correct, dear reader!  Instead, this will be a bitchfest blog about my current health woes.  I’ve not talked about it much online and on social media, but today I actually found out that I got a friend diagnosed with the same illness that I have, and while that was depressing for us both, it was also a relief to know that she had an answer.   5,013 more words

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MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION: Small Intestine Enterocyte

A long time ago I was asked by my senior Art Director at theVisualMD, Jacquelyn Sun, to redevelop a visual asset of a small intestine enterocyte. 59 more words

Medical Illustration