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Online Small Business Accounting Software

Accounting software has grown in recent years. Companies using these software vouch for their effectiveness to manage expenses accounting functions, but do not add up to the cost unlike hiring a trained and certified accountants basin. 12 more words

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It's Human Nature!

Dear Annie: I am a small-business owner. It’s challenging, but I have wonderful customers who seem to like our service. So, I’d like to ask your readers a question:

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Small Business IT solutions for Today

If you were to gather a room full of small medium sized business owners and ask them what they like least the task and understand, the payroll would be top of the list for almost everyone in the room. 16 more words

Small Business

Stores are the new black

“Stores are the new black in the world of e commerce,” says Scott Galloway from Sterns. Speaking at a conference he forecast  declining growth of high profile pure play companies and noted many online retailers were rushing to open real stores. 77 more words

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Is Your Small Business Risking a Cyber Attack?

More than nine out of 10 small business owners cite cybersecurity as a concern. This is not an unfounded fear: Half of them report they’ve already suffered a cyber attack, with 61 percent of those attacks taking place in the last 12 months. 38 more words


The 5 Things Every Social Media Manager Should Do On A Daily Basis

Contrary to popular belief, social media management is not a black hole that devours all the minutes in a work week.

Don’t get us wrong, crafting the right content, engaging your audience, raising brand awareness and extracting return on investment from social media is not a quick endeavour. 1,286 more words

5 companies with the biggest buzz in the marijuana industry

Today is April 20, aka 4/20, the semi-official annual holiday for the marijuana industry and pot-enthusiasts around the world.

People flock to public celebrations across the country that, in some cases, attract crowds of thousands. 234 more words

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