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#1007 - Poison Frogs

Literally pretty much exactly a conversation they had the other night.

Sketch A Day

Smack - The Lobster Deli

If you love a good lobster, this place is going to be your new favorite!

Smack, the lobster roll specialists serve up quite the array of rolls ranging from the classic ‘California’ to a Japanese inspired ‘Seven Samurai’ and even one they like to call the ‘Happy Ending’. 186 more words


Novel, Chapter One (First Draft) - Our Kid

Dear Mother,

This is my confession; I hope reading about the acts I’ve committed don’t crush your heart as doing them has mine.

Love your son, 4,159 more words


Why girls should not starve themselves.

Hey guys!

This is going to be a serious post. It’s about losing weight, and what it might potentially do to you if you apply improper information to your diet. 510 more words



November 22,2014
So, I went to HEB a lil bit ago to pick up something sweet and some allergy medication for my daughter and I overheard a girl with her friends talking about how she was gonna get in one of those motorized cart things cuz she didn’t feel like walking. 253 more words


I Want You To ..

Ravage me
I want to feel your nails graze my scalp as you languidly fill your fist with my hair

and yank

Smack my ass until I feel it prickle and sting. 494 more words


Remember that someone special?

I don’t exactly what style you would call this, but I guess I was inspired by anime. This is a self portrait of myself and my someone special. 9 more words